"I was such a naughty girl...it was such an entangled way of living...how do you keep up with sex sex sex??..."
The above quote is an excerpt from a caption of a photo I stumbled upon on Instagram, I had never seen someone so bold to share the story of their past especially on INSTAGRAM where every one wants to claim perfect.

Her manner of talking to people and directing them to Jesus while using herself as an example was what made me want to get to know Oye, I dropped a comment on her Instagram asking for her e-mail address and she replied me.

She graciously decided to share a little of her story with us, and I am certain your reading it would not be in vain.

"My name is Oyewunmi Ajakaiye, a graduate of Bowen University...I was raised by a single mom under strict supervision. She wasn't a pastor but she always emphasized on the importance of serving God growing up I had a lot of male friends and my mom just assumed I was wayward already...so I decided to embark on the adventurous journey myself.

It wasn't due to peer pressure but my friends at that time didn't know any better. I think it was also coupled with the fact that I finished high school early & I got an early exposure.

I was a good bad girl...I had good intentions but I was just wayward. I think the fact that I didn't grow up with a father figure got me emotionally needy...I would open myself to any guy that gave me a little attention.

At a point in my life, I felt empty....like I wasn't living just existing..I wanted more than the life I was living, rejection from people I genuinely cared about and I knew I was worth more than I was getting...investing in bad relationships. I knew my way of life wasn't something to be proud of so i wanted more. I have always had a heart for Jesus but no commitment.

I'm an extremist and whatever I do, I like to do it well. Giving my life to Christ wasn't planned...yes i made a move to get closer to God but He arrested me one faithful Sunday. I never really had mentors because I take a while before I get close to people. I just decided to make new Godly friends that would encourage my walk with God.

Letting go of my past wasn't easy, I struggled with a few things but I made up my mind not to go back to where I was coming from and that has helped me. I founded a group for Ladies called "DivineDiva" to help me meet new friends and it helped. I had to put an end to my relationship with some old friends… this is the most exciting lifestyle and the best decision anyone can ever make. I like being "light of the world" and I do not miss my dark days.

When i gave my life to Christ...I remember my exact words was "Use me, Mould me, Fill me"...Divinediva was birthed as a result of my bow to God to use my testimony to win more souls for him. It’s a virtual group for now...we discuss all sorts from relationship, faith,fashion to health...I'm also a very disciplined person so we have some strict rules to help us become better not only spiritually but socially. I run a mobile beauty boutique, I also do social media marketing for new startups and I work for Etisalat as a CustomerCare executive."

Oye is also an E-vangelist check her out on instagram @Iamdivinediva1 or her blog MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN.