"I come from a Muslim home. I have always struggled with religion. I practiced Islam for a while but stopped..."

Hey y'all this person's salvation experience, got me saying "God is too awesome", because he really is, I hope it ministers to you as much as it did to me. Let me know what popped in your mind when you read it in the comment section, and of course share with your friends, you never know who you might be blessing and also SUBSCRIBE!! so you don't miss out on the story that would be dropping next week...


"Later on I started going to church but it was empty.I never really had any one to lead me through this Christianity thing. You should also know that some thing horrible happened to me as a child (don't want to name). Lets just say I was a victim of some sort . and this thing affected my life for so long It gave me this demon,I constantly fought for years

Nobody knew or knows about it and its impact on my life till date. Lets just say it made me really sin against God.

I got to know Christ very recently actually. I always went to church and prayed with friends but didn't always connect with him. Recently, 

I started reading christian literature and the Bible because I was bent on knowing Christ and connecting with him on a deeper level.

God ministered to me and it felt very good. When I pray it doesn't feel like I'm talking to my self. I now speak in tongues and I am baptized with the holy ghost. 

I remember this thing that happened to me as a child, that has always haunted me, because we are given authority over every principality and power. and we have the ability to cast out demons and evil ,I have since spoken against it and it is no longer a part of my life . 

I am a free man."




  1. The saving power of Jesus...awesome!

  2. Great God! I love that he/she has been filled with the Holy Spirit.

    What came to mind as I read this was that it might be a good idea for the person to speak about what happened to him/her as a child and be really free from it.
    Sounds like it might be something to do with rape or something along those lines.

    I thank for the writers life and welcome to this awesome family of God.

    1. Yes, it's an absolute joy that the person is filled with the holy spirit.
      Thanks a lot tomi for your candid opinion...I would try to get across to the writer I pray the writer is willing to share as a testimony by God's grace