Hey guys!! our first testimony is an amazing story that shows that faith can not only move mountains, but also change a sickle cell genotype into a testimony.

What will you do if you are told you have sickle cell anaemia?"

"I will pray it away"...this was my first hint to knowing what my genotype actually was.

My Mom just asked such a random question and with that, I understood why I always had pain in my joints, why I couldn't play as hard as other children and why the people in the neighborhood always said I have "bad blood".

This question was followed by the story of how Mom found out about my genotype. Her first child...healthy looking and playful suddenly declared a sickler! I didn't get to know these details till I was in SS2.

From then on, I tried to keep healthy...protected myself from mosquitoes, ate right, drank fluids and always had some analgesic with me wherever I went. At a point in my life, I expected to have a crisis every month and as I aged...maybe twice in two months (I was addicted to pain killers at this time...the slightest pain and I had like 3 tramadol tablets in my system) and my recovery was always quick. My thoughts were:

"Mom has told God she will not bury any of her children...the worst is over, I can't die and if I die sef, so be it".

Because of my speedy recoveries and support from my friends and family each time I landed in the hospital, I wasn't bothered about asking God for healing. "God is nice enough to see that my crisis never go beyond four days...I don't have an awkward shape or figure, I look healthy and I fall sick maybe twice or once in three months"...I always said to myself.

In my 400l, Mom called me in school one day...with her faith boosted up to the high heavens to tell me to do another genotype test. She was telling me how comfortable I had gotten with the crisis and how God won't move until I am tired of it and cry to Him. I told her "Mommy my faith never reach that one o...I will do it later".

I didn't plan to build my faith or anything...I just locked it up in my "whenever I'm bored, I will do list". By divine intervention, every sermon I listened to since that phone call had to do with faith and healing...every book, every song, every material...kept building my faith. I took the test a month after and nothing had changed.

I was distraught! My friend told me not to cry or be disappointed..."just thank God, I know it has changed". I'm glad I listened to her...I danced and thanked God like a mad woman and sowed a seed of thanksgiving at the chapel.

We went on holidays a month later and two days into my vacation, around 9 a.m, I started feeling pains...not in my joints this time, but my chest and back. I overdosed on painkillers but nothing worked. Unimaginably drowsy, with just my 10year old brother in the house, I managed till 10pm. It was time to sleep and I just couldn't. My baby brother had to call my parents who weren't around to explain things to them. 

I was in the hospital by 10:30am and the Dr asked some questions...I was yelling in pains..."I'm a sickler, just give me injections". The Dr said "You don't look it, take another test...you have ulcer". What?? I eat...a lot!

I was MAD!!! The Dr. had my file with my history for God's sake...why was he talking nonsense? He wasn't talking nonsense apparently because after I was given some ulcer injections, the pains subsided (the ulcer was as a result of my analgesic abuse). Two days later, the Dr. was not around during his shift and another Dr. took over my case...saw what was written on my file and asked for the result of the genotype test (my blood sample was taken a day before). I casually opened the result before giving him and saw "AS". I was laughing hysterically... Was God playing tricks on me?

A family friend was beside me and I showed him...He said, "You have been believing God for a miracle, now you see it, you don't believe it"!
The Dr. didn't use the result...How did the genotype test relate with ulcer sef?

That's how God changed my genotype in the most unexpected way and humorous way!


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  1. I'm happy u got healed. I'm declaring that my daughter will be sickle cell free too very soon. God did it before and He still heals. Please pray for her (Bree)