Curiosity made me read the book of Hosea, I definitely knew about the prophet Hosea, I knew him as "the prophet that God told to marry a prostitute".

Why would God tell his own prophet to marry a prostitute, a whole MOG (Man of God) marry an ashewo hian……
nawa for this God o.

I had no answer to this question and that was what lead me to reading the book of Hosea. I remember a long time ago I was arguing with some people about how God would not tell you to marry someone you don’t love or like, and one person was like “ehhn well God told Hosea to marry a prostitute” I did not even know what to say I just muttered something along the line of ehhn my own name is not Hosea, he sha won’t tell me to marry someone I don’t like.

It was this curiosity that fuelled my interest in the book, when I started reading, I honestly did not understand it, probably because I was reading just to get an answer to my question of why God did Hosea STRONG thing. Then I decided to calm down and let the Holy spirit do his job, the book literally opened up to me.

One reoccurring thing I saw from the first chapter was LOVE, the pure un-adulterated love that God had for the people of Israel.

You see, during the days of Hosea the children of Israel as a nation had collectively decided to turn their backs against God, they had left Jehovah their first love and were seeking, running (or “whoring” as the message version puts it) after other gods of other nations.

Part of the things Hosea was going to prophecy was about the love God had for Israel, I kinda get the feeling that God told Hosea to marry Gomer so he could understand how deep the love he felt for Israel was, so he could know how it felt to go after a woman who did not care about her husband, who would cheat on him time after time, whose heart was set on the Gucci bags and louboutin shoes her lovers were giving her, I saw God teaching Hosea true love, the kind of love that covers a multitude of sins.

As I read the book of Hosea, I discovered that Gomer was a symbol used to represent Israel. Whollup…does this mean God can tell me to marry a prostitute to teach me how to love too? …..err thank God the perfect display of love has been shown to us already through Jesus, the truth is no matter how many times Hosea went back to Gomer after she cheated, I highly doubt he could have died for her, but Jesus did, and I am so glad he did.

I was the prostitute and Jesus was my Hosea (by the way Hosea means SALVATION….crazy co-incidence I know right) and what the earthly Hosea could not do for his wife he did for me. He shed his blood, the permanent stain remover (hypo got nothing on it) the blood that is forever speaking better things on my behalf. Praise God for this blood.

That blood is still available today, that love is still very much available to all, this love is unconditional, it is limitless, and all you have to do to receive this love is simply believe in JESUS…it really is that simple, accept him into your heart, and let him guide your life and watch your life change forever. 

It is the same love of this same God that turned Rahab the prostitute into the great grandmother of Jesus Christ, if it could work for Rahab it can work for you just as it worked for me and many others, there is NOTHING this love cannot handle. If you have never experienced this love before, you are missing out on a great relationship, trust me. I encourage you to say this short prayer and get in on this awesome love story.
Did you know bout Hosea? What's your take on God asking him to marry a prostitute. I would love for you to share your opinions in the comment section.

Dear Lord Jesus, I thank you for your love, I appreciate you for dying for me. This day I let go of my sins and I choose to believe in you and in the amazing power in your name, I take advantage of your love and saving grace, I say bye bye to the devil and his ways and YES!!! To you now and forever in Jesus name. AMEN.

If you said this prayer, welcome to the biggest family on earth, your questions are welcome in the comment section.

x.o Gbemie.O



  1. Beautiful, yesterday I walked passed some prostitutes and it was serious. Seeing Hosea walk into a brothel and beholding another man serious doing his own thing with his wife can be one heart breaking thing but I can hear God speaking through Hosea as her told Gomer, "Gomer, let's go home. Stop this life, I love you with an everlasting life, I will never leave you or forsake you" God's faithfully to His marriage vows is something that strikes me. He will never break it, He can't deny Himself. such faithfulness is overwhelming