That was how this guy came to meet me at this youth camp i went for....in my mind I was like what does this one want with me?, He's not even fine sef he asked for my number and I gave him.

After the camp, he started sending me all these christian messages, I was like really if this guy wants to ask me out he should go ahead (even though I was ready to say NO) instead of pretending and sending me all these annoying messages,  in a day he could send about five messages, it was very annoying gosh!!! the worst part was he kept increasing the messages by the day.

I couldn’t take it anymore I had to tell him that I didn’t appreciate the messages he sent to me and that if he likes me he should just tell, me he always replied with another of his usual annoying text message.

I became very angry I stopped reading them and I couldn’t even block him because at that time my phone was wack.

On this very day I was home alone there was no light, so I was just at home bored, doing nothing and he started again with his messages..mtchwww *hiss* this time it was worse he sent it every minute and I replied his messages this time, I replied with "leave me the hell alone" he kept sending them and as he sent them..I became very angry, so angry my hands started shaking.

He kept sending messages that were insinuating I wasn’t born again and I should give my life to Christ, I replied saying “who told u I am not born again” he replied with his usual messages saying "Jesus this, Jesus that" he challenged me with those messages I was like me that I go to church like 3 times in a week and my father is a pastor what is this guy saying.


I suddenly burst into tears I couldn’t take it anymore my body was shaking, I smashed my phone on the floor out of anger I was just crying and weeping I honestly could not tell why but I just kept crying I picked up my phone again and fortunately it was still working he didn’t relent he sent and sent and sent as I read them again I became very angry but I couldn’t stop reading them..

I just gave up and cried, cried and cried some more, my body was still shaking I cried out loud to Jesus I cried to him and told him I was sorry for all I had done, I was sorry for disrespecting him and I accept him as my lord and saviour..and immediately I had this peace...and till now that peace has not left me.

Life is just super perfect with Jesus.


Note from gbemieO:

Right in her living room, this reader accepted Jesus and found peace.. there was no pastor or priest Just her and Jesus.
If you do not have Jesus and you are wondering what peace she is talking about I charge you to cry out to him right NOW and invite him to take absolute charge of your life.



  1. This is a very wonderful story..if u dnt 've jesus u are missing..a quick question..how do u get a friend who doesn't care abt your Christian stuff to give her life to Christ..knowing fully well that wen u mention anything about Christ she gets agitated and your friendship may also be affected..

  2. Hey dear I kinda feel what you are going through, I know the feeling to want to share your new found joy with everyone. The only advice I can give you is "DONT SHOVE JESUS DOWN HER THROAT" dont let her feel you are judging her because you have Jesus, love her to life, I find that ppl love it when they can relate to someone or something, show her your flaws and talk to her about it and about how Jesus is helping ypu with them, let your actions do more of the talking....except there is no difference in your actions o.pray with her and more importantly PRAY FOR HER it's the job of the holyspirit to do the convicting.
    err you can also direct her to this really cool blog you stumbled upon heehe
    I hope I was able to help

  3. What if when you talk about your flaws she is like i thought you are a Christian and you call yourself a Christian

    1. Hi, show her your flaws in relation to how your new life in Christ is helping you deal with it...you are a christian not an alien, the human factor occasionally comes out to play.
      Show her how you are able to let go and let God deal with your flaws an even use it for his glory, let your action show that Christ is made strong even in our weaknesses. Let it show that there is room at the cross flaws, errors misrakes and all. We dont come to christ perfect , we become his perfect righteousness after we choose to abide in him. Show her that Jesus is a friend to sinners who are willing yo repent remember the robber at the cross who still got into psradise.
      you can also forward salvation stories from the blog yo her, I'm sure the holyspirit would do his work and more importantly pray FOR her.