I suppose I am one of those people who cannot refer to a particular date in time when I got saved, but I sure can trace my Christian walk down the times, not as a religious, born-into-a-christian family concept, but as one who came to know Christ personally through the years.
Though I wasn’t born into a Christian family as it were, my parents were religious when I was young, but I think they really became true Christians later, say when I was about seven to eight years of age. I was gentle and well-behaved until I got into the secondary school, I was nine then, in the boarding house, and I suppose the real me came out.

I engaged in all manner of things; lying, stealing, breaking school rules, cheating etc. I was twelve when I put a cigarette in my mouth for the first time, I once in a while, about three to five times, practiced the boarding house homosexual affair (of course this was most often born by the curiosity of the teen age). I was what you could refer to as a crook. Fellowship on Sundays? Far from it! I attended fellowship at the maximum of four to five times in an entire term, evening services inclusive. I was in a very confused state, I saw the big bad boys and I envied them, I wanted to “belong” also, I wanted to wear the contrabands, go for the parties, smoke, drink, flow with the girls like them, but on the other hand, I saw a very few of my fellow students who were serving God as students, and something in me wanted that too. I was conflicted.

Anytime I went for fellowships, which I seldom did, the preachers made altar calls, and most of those times, I come out seeking to be born again, and I did it sincerely. But sooner had I gotten to the hostel would I have returned to my vomit. I was never able to keep the decision in my conduct. I just did not know why. But I suppose at a point I really desired to be born again more than I desired to be bad, at this point I said to myself, “I must serve the Lord”. So one day, I was in the fellowship, and I heard it announced that anyone who wants to join the drama unit should wait, and straight I said within me, may be if I engage myself in God’s service, I will be able to live right before God, may be this will help me to live as a true believer in the school. I had come for altar calls many a times and genuinely, I had asked to be saved, I had confessed the Lord, I hadn’t just learnt to live what I had believed. And for me that day, it was my opportunity. So I joined in and gave myself to serve the Lord in the drama unit. Did that help? Oh! Yes it did. I became mindful of my life in the hostel, I was tagged SU, I strived to live right, as much as I could.

But there was one more hurdle: MY FRIENDS. I still moved with the same friends, so automatically, I still gave in to their influences. One day a friend from the fellowship, one of the executives actually, called me apart and said, “Ibk, now that you have chosen to serve God, you shouldn’t be moving together with these friends again” (these words were not exact though, but they are the way it resounds in my ears years after). I took the advice and that made a whole lot of difference and impact in my life. I have a great testimony in that line, but not today. This was the Stage One. *Smiles* 


Hey guys due to the length, the remaining part of this salvation story would be posted next week. I was tempted to cut it short, but there were some salient points that blessed me, I had to resist the temptation, so I can share it with you all.

Salvation is one of the most important gifts we have been given as human beings, If you would like to share your salvation experience, kindly send a mail to gbemieobadan@gmail.com.

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