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After all these, it was a pity that while in secondary school, after my decision to serve God and live right, I went to fellowship often, I was regular in my drama department, but one thing was lacking, I never heard a teaching on spiritual growth, or anything related, which would have helped me in my continuous walk. And so, I stayed far too long as a babe in Christ, soon enough, after I left school, I kind of reverted to some of my old life.

I just lived like any normal person. I wasn’t reading the bible nor praying personally or anything of sort. I went to church, I prayed jointly with my family or church, I got home and lived normally. I was still lying, sometimes I stole and stuff like that till I got into the higher institution.

Then one day, in 2005, at the church where I attended in the university, a guest minister was invited to speak to us. I can’t remember now what he preached on, not even the scriptures he used, but I knew from all he said that I had failed in my Christian life. I hadn’t been living as I ought, I had even lost the zeal to do better, I was just aimlessly hanging around church.

He spoke that day of rededicating one’s life to Jesus, and I remember vividly that I wept so much, cried out of my seat bitterly seeking repentance and restoration, asking God to forgive me and help me.
I think that was another major turning point in my Christian race.

Another major one, the final one I believe was when later in 2005, another pastor was transferred to my church, and he began to take us in some very great bible studies. He taught us on spiritual growth, and that was the teaching and the time that my active spiritual walk was initiated. Before that, all I had known was to be born again and serve God, I never knew how to keep myself in that life. I began to desire to read the bible on my own, to pray on my own in my room.

I remember sometimes in that late 2005 or early 2006, I came out in a choir retreat to receive the Holy Ghost baptism, I didn’t speak in tongues that day, but subsequently as I was praying in my room alone one morning, I found myself praying in tongues, it happened again the second time on another occasion, and finally I gained faith to continue to let it flow. So I know that this teaching on spiritual growth was quintessential in grounding me in the walk with God.

Finally, I continued like that in serving the Lord, my personal devotion was very inconsistent, but then I was being helped. I kept a good enough company for that time, I attended services regularly, and this was really of help.

But somewhere in the sinews of my heart, the devil fought me with doubts of my salvation. Was I really saved? If I was, then why do all these weaknesses still get the best of me? Since I can’t pinpoint that this was the particular date, then may be I wasn’t really saved? All these thoughts fired me and once a while brought doubts. I was no doubt seeing changes in my life, obvious enough to know that this could only be fruit of salvation but. . . As at this time, I had become a radical student of the word, given myself to read Christian literature, listened to messages, prayed in tongues and understanding for minutes to hours (maximum of 1-2 hours then).

This quote by Rick Warren pretty much sums it up.

Until one day, I was reading the scriptures and I stumbled on Romans 10:9-10. That if I believe with my heart and confess with my mouth the Lord Jesus, then I am saved. And the word lighted in me, and alone in my room I said, “Just in case all my other experiences aren’t bringing an assurance of my salvation, I know the word is ever true”. So I made a confession of salvation that day, I had believed in Jesus, and so I believe that I am saved.

Since that day which was in early 2009 I had never needed to doubt again that I have been and that I am saved.
Akure, Nigeria.

Note from gbemie.O
Assurance of salvation is one thing a lot of people struggle with, assurance of salvation doesn't have to do with the date, time or location of when you decided to give your life to Jesus, it's a thing of the heart.
Personally I am terrible with dates, as I type this I realise I don't even know what today's date is lol, after I gave my life to Christ, I knew in my heart that it was at so and so that I decided to say bye bye to Sin and live for Jesus, I actually had to pick up a calendar about one month after, to get the actual date, I knew in my heart, that I was born again, Why? Because I had confessed Jesus as my Lord and saviour, and I had the holyspirit living in me, getting the date was more of a formality, do not let the devil fool you into thinking because you do not know the date, you are not born again as stated in Romans 10: 9-10, the assurance that you are saved lies in the confession of our mouths, and the belief of our hearts.

Have a wonderful day
X.o gbemieO


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