How do you know what Kim Kardashian is up to? Err you could watch her show KUWTK, and the numerous ones she has with her sisters. Follow her on twitter or Instagram or snapchat or periscope (gosh how many social media thingy’s do we have) you could also download her app ( I read somewhere about the family having something like that).
If you do all these I can assure you, you would have basic knowledge of KimK e.g what naked shoots she is doing next lol, what north is having for lunch, or what clothing line kanye is launching next, basically whatever she chooses to share with you through these various platforms.

This same principle applies to God.

 How do I keep up with God…you really do not have to download various social media applications to keep up with him. 
God has just one social media application, and it is the BIBLE- his word.

In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God…the word is still God.- JOHN 1;1

The word of God IS God himself.

Wanna hear God speak? Read his word,
Wanna know the mind of God? Read his word, 
Wanna know what plans he has for you? Read his word.

Imagine being in a relationship and never spending time with your partner, not hanging out, not spending time together, not calling or texting the person. Imagine if the purpose of that relationship is just so you guys can pose for Instagram and hashtag bae on fleek, you wouldn't call that a relationship would you? 
In fact you wouldn't know anything about the person you call bae.

That is exactly how it is when you claim to love God, but don’t read his word, how do we expect to know him when the only time we mention his name is when we exclaim “OMG” or on Sundays, or when we say TGIF.

Take time out to actually know this God you claim to love, he loves you and wants to be in a relationship with you, he wants to gist with you, and share secrets with you, he wants you to tell him how your day went, and how you are feeling.
I am very sure about this

Here are a few tips for reading your Bible:
- Pray before…ask the holy spirit to explain and open the Bible to you, Jesus referred to him as the one who would teach us all things.

- Get a version of the Bible you understand e.g the Amplified version, or the New Living Translation.

- Get rid of distractions… imagine you were about to talk to bae and someone started blasting loud music, I assume you would move away.

-Read hoping to get something let your heart be expectant, an expectant heart moves God to speak…even if it’s one word you get. O e word from God is better than a thousand from man.

As for those times you do NOT feel like reading your Bible, you know those times when you are so tired to talk to anyone and bae calls…you know how you force yourself to pick the call because it’s bae, that is what exactly you should do.

 A relationship requires discipline to grow and last.

I have personally realised that those times when I feel so weak, tired or just not in the mood are times when God gives me deep revelations through his word, or just what I needed to get me out of the funky mood.

And about that feeling…yes that one that makes you not in the mood it’s the devil trying to keep you from spending time with your lover…the way some of you will bitch slap any girl that tries to come between you and your man…yeah do the same thing for the devil.

That feeling doesn't come when it's time for you to watch the entire Breaking Bad Season one in one night *side eye to myself*, but when it's time to do the one that would benefit me more and give the kind of high I would NEVER get from Breaking Bad it finds it's way.

Most times I find myself saying naah mehhn satan...not today...not EVER, as I pick up my Bible.

Don’t let him keep you away from keeping up with God.

I came across this post on called HELP...I HAVE BIBLE READING ISSUES. I believe it would help anyone reading this that wants to hear God speak but finds it difficult to read, understand or enjoy the Bible.

Have a wonderful day...tomorrow is #TestimonyTuesday, and I would be sharing a personal testimony. 
x.o gbemieO


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