No more malaria… testimony is as simple as that.

Malaria is something that I have noticed I have at least say once or twice a year, I mean I live in Nigeria, where mosquitoes are very common, and doctors have also said if you are of a certain genotype you are more susceptible to malaria. 
So having malaria was not anything out of the ordinary to me, in fact I prided myself in knowing the latest malaria drugs, and my bad ass ability to take injections lol. I was one of those people who would even feel the malaria about a week before it actually came, and even start taking medication for it before it eventually comes.

Sometime late last year (2014), I was at a prayer meeting, and we were praying for the coming year, and for some weird reason as we were praying I tried to remember the last time, I had malaria that year and I couldn’t, I was certain I had been sick that year, but at that time I realised that it had been quite a while, as I was still trying to calculate the pastor said we should ask God for something special for the coming year, and the holy spirit prompted me to ask that I did not want malaria in the coming year,I was like what??? Isn’t that too far, I mean malaria was a normal thing for me, imagine how the devil had conditioned my mind into thinking sickness from him was a normal thing, I was nervous but I remember I prayed and asked God that I did not want malaria in the coming year. 

I asked in faith believing that Jesus has been giving a name above every other name and that at the mention of his name EVERY knee must bow…..malaria is a name right?? So why shouldn’t it bow to the name of Jesus? I have no answer to that.

The year 2015 has not ended but I have not had malaria this year, I can not tell you how many times the devil tried to discourage me. A lot of times, when I felt physically low, he would creep up and say err malaria symptoms oya go and take medication, and I would simply remind God (and myself lol) not to forget that by the stripes of his son I was healed, I would confess that the same blood that runs through the veins of Jesus runs in me and it is impossible for malaria to thrive in the blood of Jesus so it’s the same for me. 

If I tell you the devil did not try to discourage me from sharing this testimony. I would be lying, sometimes I almost succumbed to his pranks, but thank God for his mercy that helped my unbelief. I got thoughts like "wait for the year to end before you share it", "what if before the year ends, you have malaria how would that now look"….lol imagine such thoughts. 

As I type this I look at my legs and the red spots and swellings I have from a vicious attack of mosquito bites (I am too sure this ones were female, because boy they dealt with me), and I laugh and say devil you are a liar, if you think ordinary mosquito bites would scare me. 

My faith is hinged on a God who can do all things including making my testimony permanent, if he says I am healed, I am healed he has said it, he cannot lie and I believe it. 

All the glory to his wonderful name.

Are you believing God for something? I encourage you to go ahead and ask him in faith, faith is very important when asking God, unbelief is a slap on his face and it belittles him

Are you reading this and the devil has made you believe that sickness is a normal thing? Isiah 53;5 tells us that by his stripes we are healed....Peter confirms this in 1 Peter 2 verse 24...this time he says by his stripes we WERE healed...that means your healing happened while Christ was being beaten over 2000 years ago, all that's left for you is to claim it by faith..YES CLAIM IT BY FAITH.

I look forward to you sharing your testimony.

x.o gbemieO


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