The vehicle Esther was in after the accident.

This is my story!
It happened in just few hours yet it changed my whole life. I get teary eyed every single time I share this story.
I sometimes find it hard to sleep at night, I sometimes wonder how, I might have just become a memory in the minds of my loved ones.
It happened on the 31st of August, 2014, I was in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. My dad was to celebrate his 60th birthday bash together with my aunty's 70th in Osun State.
The celebration was fixed for the 6th-7th of September, so my mum insisted I come a week to the day so I could join in all the preparations. I booked my flight from Uyo airport to Lagos for the 31st.

That Sunday morning, my uncle drove me to the airport.
 My mum called me to be sure I was coming that day. After waiting,for over an hour we boarded the plane and I remember praying for safety( that was my only prayer that day). The flight was very smooth, we even clapped (as usual) for the pilots and cabin crew when we landed.
On getting to Lagos airport, my sister and friend Imaobong Ukpabio was already waiting to pick me up, I decided to spend few minutes with her before starting my journey to Osun State. She dropped me off at Ojota motor park where I entered a small car.

The trip started at about 2pm, I recollect the driver was driving recklessly but I did not say anything because everybody in the car was already shouting and raining abuses on him including the elderly man sitting at the passenger seat.

 After we passed through Ibadan, Oyo State. I dozed off on the shoulders of the guy sitting next to me(Segun).
He tried having a conversation with me before I slept, off but I just waved him off, not knowing he was God sent.

Once we passed Oyo state and entered Osun state, we stopped at Ikire to buy "dodo ikire".. I dozed off and a few minutes later I woke up in the hospital.

Because the driver was being reckless initially, although I was told he actually slowed down after the elderly man scolded him, the shaft of the tyres were already weak. Segun said, the tyres burst  out, and the driver lost control. There was a loud shrieking noise, everyone started screaming and then the car somersaulted over 4-5times but I was out the window at the 2nd turn, because I was asleep, I couldn't grab anything in the car for support, unlike every other person in the vehicle.

Esther after the accident

Thank God there was no other car coming behind, because I was out the window and on the express road unconscious.

I still have an unclear memory of waking up on the road and asking "Where am I?, What happened?". And some men kept on saying, you're fine, it was an accident, over and over again.

I lost all my top teeth, had fractures in my jaw and I've been undergoing series of dental surgeries to replace the lost teeth with permanent implants. But I'm happy to be alive to share this testimony.

I mean, what would my family and friends have said?? Knowing fully well that I graduated with a first class and my convocation ceremony was to take place the following month. 
May the devil not bring sadness on our day of joy in Jesus name. Amen

I was taken to the hospital, where I was revived and my parents were called to come and pick me.. Lol they couldn't even recognise me.

They passed my bed and I had to shout "daddy, I'm here". I still remember the look on their faces. My mum burst into tears. My senior sister, lol the emotional one, started rolling on the floor and screaming, it was so bad the doctors had to drag her outside. My senior brother, went wild and said he needed to see the driver to kill him.
The driver who was beside my bed also in the ICU, was also battling for his life.
The doctors had to lie that the driver ran away because they knew my brother might have strangled him dead.

Esther after a miraculously quick recovery (fine girl lol)

Such loving family members, I thank God for giving me such lovely people as siblings and parents.
I was moved to another hospital for better care and was there for a while before I was finally discharged.

I have other experiences that I would love to share but I would leave it for another write up. About how I felt myself flying in the sky, while I was battling for breath on the road. I still wonder why was I flying in the sky?? Was i going to heaven?? Was I going for judgement?? The sky was soo freaking white and bright.

Who ever said God doesn't exist, Mehn you are on a long thing. I experienced this one, no be say them say.

Oladimeji Esther Instagram: deux_veu

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God is mighty to deliver and save completely, from even the worst of the devil's schemes.
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