So I had a very stressful and "internetless" week, due to the fact that I had to travel to Ado-Ekiti a.k.a the Land of little or no network for my graduation.

LLB in the bag
 I would leave out the stress part out so I don't bore you all but looking back I can say I am thankful for the stress, and even the headache induced by the stress, at a point I found myself whispering "holyspirit I need you now more than I have ever needed you before to calm me down"...boy am I thankful for the holyspirit like what would we do as human beings without him.

This week I would be sharing an experience that inspired me to write something I call ThanksLiving (word not coined by me)
P.S: I wrote this a few months ago, it is written in present tense, and I did not want to alter it.


So today I was in a public vehicle, the car was comfortable, the driver was moving at a moderately high speed, as we were on an express road. I was gisting with my sister who was beside me, fellow passengers were talking, sleeping etc. in fact the driver was singing along to his Akwa-Ibom music and all seemed well...until SUDDENLY I saw a boy, not more than four years old run across the road, and past our car, as the driver struggled with everything in him to avoid hitting the boy, the car literally missed the boy by an air’s breath….LITERALLY!!, in fact I thought we had killed this boy gauging from the speed of the car and the size of this boy.

It occurred to me that I saw the boy on the pedestrian sidewalk about three seconds ago, and obviously there was no way I or even anyone thought the boy would have crossed the road, with a car so near, driving at that speed, obviously I thought wrong.

This boy ran into the road and almost into his death, what struck me was how oblivious the boy was to the fact that he had just missed his death, because he crossed the next part of the road with the same carelessness, he did not know what had just happened, had no idea how the people in the car were shouting JESUS!! JESUS!!! Out of fear that our vehicle was about to cut someone’s destiny short.


My mum always says “you don’t know the battles God is fighting for you, in fact if God should open your eyes to the battles you would probably weep”.

Many of us go through life exactly like this little boy, totally ignorant of what God is doing for us, the provisions, the gift of life, the averted accidents, that we have headache and take panadol and the headache goes is enough to thank God, this same headache kills people.
Reflect today and make a list of the things you are thankful for, and just say God I am thankful for this, this and that.
Let me get the ball rolling by naming a few things I am thankful for:
Dear God Gbemie is grateful for
  • The gift of life
  • The salvation of my soul
  • Fingers to type on a computer or a phone
  • The wonderful people that visit my blog
  • Wonderful eyes to see, even if I sometimes need glasses to enhance my vision
  • The person who invented glasses, and the fact that I can afford one
  • Wonderful God loving family and friends 
  • The fact that I am currently hungry, some people cannot feel hunger.
  • Seeing me through five years in the University
  • I can sleep without sleeping pills...sometimes I even feel I sleep too much.
I just listed ten random things, without even thinking. 
Don’t be ignorant, to what God is doing for you, live consciously, live with an attitude of thanksgiving. Let your life constantly be an expression of gratitude to God.
 Learn to see God in the littlest of things.
x.o gbemieO



  1. I'm grateful that i am sane. Nice post. Congrats to on the LLB. We can officially look for trouble anywhere.

    1. Thank God for your sanity oo, although I am not sure sane people go about looking for trouble lol. Thanks for the congratulations