The first time I wrote an examination without cheating I failed.

Hello friends, how was your week mine was a mixture of hectic, uplifting and fun.

This was not what I planned to share this week, but during the week I was at the RCCG NATIONAL YOUTH CONVENTION and I heard a sermon on integrity, and in the middle of the sermon the holy spirit reminded me of this experience of mine, I just knew I had to share it with you all.

Cheating in an examination was more like helping to me, when I say cheating I mean if you don’t know the answer to something the next thing is to ask your friend to give you a hint or if someone asks you a question in the exam it’s almost the morally normal thing to answer the person out of pity and maybe fear of being in that situation someday.

While I never had the liver to carry chokes or dubs or whatever it is called into the exam, If you asked me I would tell you and if I didn't know anything, I would ask anyone beside me, because what are we classmates for if not to tell each other answers during an exam.

I used to even wonder how those people that used to form "I don’t talk in exam" coped, and called them stingy with knowledge.

Sometime in my third year in the university when I started trying to get my act together by attending prayer meetings and forming Christian which I mentioned in my how i got saved story, I attended one of such prayer meetings which was aimed at our exams, and the pastor who lead the meeting said, “if after you pray all these prayers, you still go into the exam hall and cheat you will fail o”
Who wants to fail after going through such head shaking and sweat breaking prayers definitely not me, So my friends and I decided we were not going to talk to each other or anyone that exam, and we stuck to our decision we didn’t ask each other or talk to each other or anyone for that matter.
The exams were very simple to me I remember I did not even need to talk to anyone. When the result came out I was expecting I would over stun you know based on the fact that I did not talk, and after all my prayers God was supposed to give me a good result… It was not so my result was the worst I had ever had in my life…yes in my entire academic life from my kindergarten.

Fast forward to later that year I gave my life to Christ, and started reading my Bible. I stumbled upon Proverbs 3:5 and 6

“Trust in the lord with all your heart lean not upon your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your path”- New King James Version
“Trust God from the bottom of your heart don't try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for God's voice in everything you do. Everywhere you go he's the one who will keep you on track.”- Message Version

“ Lean on, trust in and be confident in the lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding, in all your ways recognise and acknowledge him, and he will make plain you paths."- Amplified version.

This verse hit me hard. I realised that if the Bible says I should trust in the Lord and not lean on my understanding, it was telling me to put my all in God. I can't say I trust in God to see me through an exam and still tell my friend before an exam that in case I forget something she would remind me, or get into an exam and expect to ask someone for the answer to a question. That is not trusting God, that is more like under estimating God.

That was when i decided that concerning exams it was God or nothing.

This verse of the Bible has been the foundation of a lot of things I do, I realised that a lot of times before I write an exam I put my trust in my ability to read well, or explain something to a classmate, or on the kindness of my friend who I believe would not let me down if I ask her for a question I do not know.

The word of God encourages us to trust, lean on and be confident in God in EVERY single thing we do from the littlest of things to the biggest of things. I have realised that it is absolutely impossible for God to fall any body’s hand.

The next exam I had, I decided to put this into practise from my preparation to the exams proper I decided to acknowledge God from the beginning to the end.

Then before I start reading I would tell God:

"Father I am trusting you o, holy spirit please help me understand this thing I am about to read, you know I don’t have any other person to run to, I am not going to ask any one for answers so it’s just the two of us".

Even when I got into the exam hall, I would tell God it's either you help me or nothing... we read this thing together and we are going to answer it together, there were times when I had questions that I did not know the answer to, instead of asking my neighbour I would actually ask God...if no answer came I would write the little I know or leave it and tell God that I am confident that my trusting him would not be in me such occasion's ended in praise.

When the result for that semester came out, it was the best I had ever had since I got into the university.

This experience worked not only for my exams, but for every other thing I decided to do, I consciously decided to invite God into everything I wanted to do, the amazing thing is that even when things did not turn out to be what I wanted, I had peace because I knew I had handed it over to the one who has better plans for me (Jeremiah 29:11.)

To be honest in some situations trusting God to handle stuff is not the easiest thing, I sometimes get ahead of myself and try to get things done without consulting God, I thank God for the holy spirit who would always ask me ”have you spoken to me about it?”

I have realised that it is actually easier to talk to God about stuff and invite him to direct my path instead of figuring things out on my own.

One amazing thing is that God knows the end of a thing even before the beginning, his expected end for you might not be your expected end, but in the long run because he has gone into the future to see how things would go, it always ends up for your good.

I encourage you to consciously put proverbs 3 verse 5 and 6 into practise, don’t try to figure everything out on your own….keep calm and trust God.

I would love to hear from you. Are you one of those that judge people who don't talk in exam halls.

I would also like to know what your experience is or has been trusting you find it difficult or easy. 

Have a wonderful week.

x.o gbemieO



  1. Oh i can relate to this. I remember when the decision not to cheat in exams started,lol struggle. But trusting in God and the ability he has given you to write that exam on your own gives you a whole new level of confidence. Also,the best things happen when you leave it all to God. Im a jacker of all trades. But the best result i ever had was for an exam ,i was least prepared for, was sick few days into the exam,but God did. I got higher than the exams i was prepared for 10 decades ago.It is never by our power or might . Amazing God.

    1. Preach sisterr you are absolutely right, the best things happen when we leave it ALL to God

  2. I can really relate to this...self control is really important tho...

    1. I'm glad you can relate to it, very true self control is important, it is an important fruit of the spitit.

  3. Relating to this is an understatement..... The grace to override ones fear and thoughts of failing is so much needed. Itz not so much an easy task especially when the course is threatening and you have your close friend next to you who is a Book Lord. It all balls down to grace and faith in God which only works well for one if you've helped yourself before entering the exam hall by putting all your best to study and pray.

  4. True. Since i left secondary school i caught dis message and by grace all exams ever written after my sec skol has being with the help of the Holy Spirit. There were times of compromise i must be sincere but i paid the price bcos to be sincere ITS HUMAN TO FEEL THE NEED TO HELP.
    Glad to have read this.

  5. Yaaay I'm glad you are glad you read this...if this makes any sense lol

  6. Hello there! i just found you.. that's ridiculous right? considering how amazing you are <3. I can totally relate with this. I started my own journey just before WAEC in secondary school. It was hard for my friends to comprehend but they didn't have to put up with me for so long because we left school and attended different universities after then. My new friends knew this about me from the first test we had in our first year in school. it's been a beautiful journey so far, knowing that my success lies with God and he won't withhold any good thing from me (that includes the strength and ability to study very hard..and peace when it looks like i'm not assimilating fast enough). I stumbled once though; in my third year in the university. the most dreaded course in my department was first on my exam time table and I had been ill for about 14 days before the exam. I was very far from ready and yes I panicked. I gave in to the flesh and cheated with a friend. I was even scared to apologize to God afterwards because I had had such a smooth 'no cheating' journey for the past four years so i just let that one slide. But God never leaves me to stray. He leads me back always. He led me back a few hours that same day! Since I was ill, I couldn't attend choir rehearsals at my fellowship and so I didn't minister in songs with the group in service that day (yep I was a cheating minister *covers face*). And guess what song the choir sang.... I wont go back by William Mcdowell (we had ministered that song a few weeks before then but they just had to do it again that day because this my God is so calculative.. lol). It was clearly for me. I broke down in tears and told God I was sorry. So I made sure share this experience a few friends. A few weeks later, our results were out and even though I had agreed with God that I wont fail any course throughout my stay in the university, I was prepared to see an F because I knew I broken the deal by trusting someone else with my exam. But He's so merciful. I passed the course! I didn't get an A.. but definitely not an F. I was very grateful for a second chance. And my friend that I cheated with.. the one who seemed to be my temporary saviour in the exam hall, well.. he had an F and had to retake the course the next year. God deals with us in different ways and I am really grateful he has helped me on this journey so far; I really need him to. I write exams a lot! two years after graduation and I still have an exams in 8 weeks. I wrote some two weeks ago :D. So there's my story
    Thank you for what you do Gbemi. You're blessed indeed.
    PS: apologies for the long 'comment'
    PPS: Thanks for sharing Ojuolape's enagement video on instagram else i may not have found you!
    PPPS: I'll get to studying Lady in waiting now.

    1. hi, oyindamola
      oo wooooowww
      no apologies for your long comment, it was a very interesting read, welldone on your resolve so far.
      I also know why you did not make an F in that course even though you cheated, it's because God is not a wicked father, he doesn't seek to punish us when we do wrong. Don't forget that Love is patient and kind and God is love, whenever we err his Holyspirit corrects us out of love, and we have a duty to apologise because we are good children and to go boldly to his throne of grace to receive mercy and find grace whwnever we need it, Hebrews 4:16 as he is ever willing to give us.
      I truly apologise for just replying, it was a great oversight on my path, i look forward to reading your long comments on other posts, please be sure you subscribe and share with other people have an amazing day

  7. huh?? I'm Oyindamola. Samson Popoola ke???