My high school dreams were painted with pictures of me becoming a senior student who commanded respect among junior students through fear. I also lived by the belief system that to be loved and respected you had to live an infamous lifestyle, this led me to a life of notoriety. 

I led a rude and scandalous life that led me to series of confrontations with teachers; non-teaching staff members; prefects etc. I remember a time when I had the key to the food store of the school. I was that notorious with no plans to be better as I felt that was the best path.

The life I lived gained me some sort of fame—most wanted student—that kept the authorities patiently waiting for me to fall into their trap, and I did. I played into the hands of my principal on the 8th of February 2011. One evening I beat up an acting prefect, who was a junior student, to prove my supposed authority over him.

While I enjoyed the moment of my show of power, unknown to me another junior student had gone to report the ugly scene I was creating to my principal. The consequence that day was a threat of expulsion, I was really scared and disturbed.

 What took place next is still surprising to me.

As the procedure was my principal, Pastor G.G Odetayo who is of blessed memory, asked me to go write a statement. I tried to appeal but my appeals fell on deaf years, walking away slowly from him my feet led me to the back of hostel with a heavy burden in my heart.
Kneeling down at the back of the hostel, I just started asking for mercy. Nothing more but mercy, I can’t say how long I prayed for mercy before I broke into a groan with tears flowing down my eyes as I lost control of my body which was vibrating vigorously. Seconds grew into minutes, and I was still back there crying to my Father, with a request in my heart that someone will find me here and explain what was happening. My Father heard me.

The house father of the hostel at that time came around the back of the hostel to find me crying. He picked me up and took me to the hostel, he counselled me and led me to Christ properly. However, God was not done.
 I don’t know what He told my principal, after submitting the statement he refused to work on it. 

That act of forgiveness from my principal helped confirm Abba’s promise to let go off my past.

From that moment on, it was a beautiful experience from then till I started struggling to please God by adhering to the law. Salvation started to seem like a nightmare, I lost my peace and started to see God as a dictator who was about me pleasing Him through stringent rules I could no way keep up with. Once again Abba turned up for His son. He led me read the books of 1 John and Galatians, explaining to me that God’s plan was for me to become a man saved by grace, transformed through faith, motivated by love and not one to live in the fear of the law.

Predicated upon this revelation my peace was restored. I will like to say I was saved again, this time saved from religion and transformed into His marvellous light of love. 

I plan on sharing a more detailed story on this second phase of my salvation.

Ajetomobi Feranmi

Ajetomobi Feranmi is a creative solutions provider and food experience creator. He currently works with The LifeLine as a creativity coach; with Naija Christians as its social media manager; and Ni Fries as its creative director.


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  1. Couldn't comment on all the posts I read. I'm proud of you and may God help us make it to heaven at last. Best wishes dear