If you watched, all these Bible stories e.g superbook etc, you would notice that anytime God spoke to someone, the person voicing God always had his own extra loud microphone, that had special echo effect lol.
For example you probably watched the story of God calling Samuel like this:

Samuel was sleeping and suddenly this very bright fluorescent light began to shine from the ceiling.

*enter God* SAMUEL in this very deep baritone voice (don’t forget the echo) so it goes something like SAMUEL, SAMUEL, SAMUEL

This is kinda how I had imagined that God would speak to me when I was finally spiritual enough to hear God speak.

Let me gist you guys what I imagined it would be like. One day I’m sleeping, and the same fluorescent light shines in my room, suddenly I hear GBEMI!! GBEMI!!.GBEMI!!
I wake up, wow!! Why is it so bright in here,
-Lord is that you?

-Yes it is ME God

Because I am slightly dramatic I go

- Lord if it’s really you, show me a sign

Suddenly there’s lightning, thunder strikes, and it probably starts raining… my room o not outside lol.

This is probabbly how my room would look lol.

Now 1kings 19 v.11-13 really struck me, in this passage we see how God instructed Elijah to stand at the mouth of the mountain, because God was about to pass by, first came a very powerful wind, that tore the mountains apart, and even shattered the rocks, but nope that wasn’t God, next came an earthquake still not God, after the quake, came a fire but the lord was still not in the fire.
At this point a lot of us would have gotten impatient and probably left.
After all the senrenere the Bible says after the fire came a gentle whisper, note that a whisper is already soft on its own o, this one was now a gentle whisper i.e extra soft, probably so soft that Elijah could have ignored it, turns out it was this gentle whisper that carried the presence of God.

It occurred to me that often times God comes as a gentle whisper, I have heard God tell me things as little as “don’t drop that biscuit wrapper on the floor” or “apologise to that person” and things as big as starting this blog in all of these examples it was nothing like what I had earlier imagined the voice of God to be like.
My point is that sometimes God speaks in the most unexpected ways, they are usually glaring, but sometimes very unexpected. If you are not sensitive to his spirit, you might miss it. God is constantly speaking, but many of us are looking for God in the lightning, thunder and theatrics. Many of us still pray to God to speak to us, and even say God doesn't speak to us, when the truth is he has been speaking but we are too busy to hear him.

If I can’t obey the gentle whisper which is often times so easy to ignore, what is the assurance that God would entrust me with his microphone, baritone voice lol or that I would even obey that one.

The little girl in me might still be hoping silently for her big dramatic experience, but for now I’m content with listening to the gentle whisper and obeying it.

How does God speak to you?, was it how you imagined? Oya share your experiences.



  1. Always knew God was gentle in communicating...I sometimes confuse it for my conscience or vice versa....but when would you write about speaking in tongues and spiritual sensitivity "u telling if someone is a scam"...

    1. Hi, well in my personal experience God usually speaks to me in a gentle the issue of conscience, Ordinarily our consciences are a sense of right or wrong and they depend on what is acceptable in our societies or culrures, but since I now have christ in me my "conscience" is now the holyspirit and is no longer subject to my surroundings or what is acceptable but what is acceptable to God and what God wants me to do.
      And to write on a topic on speaking in tongues and spiritual sensitivity is a nice suggestion, but I would like to take time out to pray about it, so I dont write rubbish.
      And for scams err a quick suggestion is "by their fruits you shall kniw them" just compare their behaviour or actions with the word of God.

  2. Omo, go on ahead. Nothing do you. GOD speaks in HIS WAY. We can't choose.

    It is like your beef stew saying you are frying it to its discomfort or your shoe removing itself from your foot because it is disagreeing with your slow pace.

    Purpose has to be perfect and not permissive. And you are right: GOD SPEAKS ABOUT everything.


    1. Lool your beef stew illustration is making me hungry. And God does speak about EVERYTHING even to the things that seem un important to us.

    2. Lool your beef stew illustration is making me hungry. And God does speak about EVERYTHING even to the things that seem un important to us.