I started pre-degree at Lautech two months after Neco (September) 2010 simply because I did not meet Jamb's cut off mark (Imagine, Jamb Hit me).

I attended two colleges, College A and College B. When I was in College A, I preached on the assembly from Monday to Thursday's. I did not understand what I was preaching though, I had to preach just because of my parents status as 'Gospel Ministers' ( I WAS NOT BORN AGAIN). Every Friday, i got to sing and dance to terrible songs during the school socials gathering.
I would also have you know that I gambled in class and also stole my classmates money, but I was generous enough to buy lunch for the fellows I stole from. (Oops).

I left College A to College B with the hope that i would become better since about 90% of the students in the school attended 'Deeper Life Bible Church' as members. It was also a boarding school. To cut short the gist, I learnt how to steal better, watch pornography better, Jump fence, cheat during exams, harass and bully people before I graduated from the school. (Note: That was what I choose to learn coupled with peer pressure)

With those gifts and talent, I got into Lautech and I was ready to maximise those potentials. My first night in Lautech, I attended an all night party and could not go to church the next day. The pre-degree students in my hostel became my new close friends and the remaining 35 were senior students. To my surprise all,my pre-degree friends were born-again Christians, I could tell from their behaviour and speech. Most of them attended Redeemed Campus Fellowship and the others Deeperlife .

I was involved in different things at the same time. I went to two Rcf on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, I also attended deeper life fellowships on Monday and Thursdays. Still, i did not fail to party on Friday's .

This was my lifestyle till June 2011 when evangelist Mike and Gloria Bamiloye came to RCF for a three days conference. I attended the conference and vowed not to give in to any salvation call since I was familiar with such ministrations.

I attended the conference with my pre-degree friends, on conference day 3, I had an encounter with Jesus even before the salvation call. ...after, evangelist Gloria-Mike Bamiloye and, Mike Bamiloye finished preaching and sharing their salvation gist at The tabernacle, Redeem Christian Fellowship (RCF), Ladoke Akintola University.

To my surprise, I gave in when the call came wholeheartedly.That was how I started my journey as a kingdom citizen.

I left Lautech for a private University because of strike and riot in Lautech then. I met with a lot of challenges against my new found faith and then I gave in. The beautiful thing about the fact that I gave in is that 'there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.' I was still in Christ Jesus no matter the pressure, I re-dedicated my life to Christ on the 1st of July, 2012 and God's Grace has kept me till now. Halleluya.



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