I don’t even know how to start. Although I am sure my story is very common. So I was raised in a believing home, introduced to children’s bible club very early in life. In Short I was ‘trained-up’ in the way of the lord but I did depart from that way. 

I got really serious with God and church activities as early as the age of 10 that is as far as I can remember. I was in the children’s choir, dance group, I even did my first believers class at age 10. However, I was not allowed to write the final exam or be baptised as I was too young. Although I cannot remember, that should probably be my very first salvation moment. As I grew older, peer pressure and the urge to fit in got the best of me.

 I had my first boyfriend at age 12, got involved in a lot of immoral acts from testing the waters of lesbianism to being intimate with my said boyfriend. That relationship ended and I continued to live my life as I liked. Although, I was still involved in church activities (church activities should never be the yardstick for measuring one’s relationship with God,most often it is misleading.) and basically being hypocritical.

I got serious with God after secondary school when I got into the higher institution. I really cannot say this was when I gave my life to Christ (I believe I had been saved, just got lost), but I do remember a series of life rededicating events after some very touching sermons. My time at the polytechnic was one of them because I got baptized in the Holy Spirit at one of our campus outreaches. 

The journey for me continued to be bumpy as I didn’t cultivate any relationship with God, instead I had unhealthy romantic relationships which further led me away from God.

My Christian walk has been full of falling and rising again (I am grateful for his grace). I decided to get serious again when I went for NYSC I think that was when my genuine walk with God started. I am not perfect, I fell AGAIN (Severally actually) however, the great thing about this race is that we can always pick up ourselves with the help of the Holy Spirit and continue from where we left off.

Every year I try to re-evaluate my Christian walk and ask for help genuinely from the Holy Spirit. For me, when I go back to being lukewarm immediately I make up my mind to grow in my relationship with God because I never asked for help sincerely. The bible tells us that it is not by power neither is it by might. Right now, I am confident to say I am saved and am also working out my salvation with fear and trembling because I have had enough of falling (been tripped by things that should not trip me).

In conclusion, having the right kind of people around you is the best thing you can do to help yourself in your Christian walk. It is very easy to fall back to old ways if you are still cozy with those old friends. It also helps to remember that the Holy Spirit is here to help us. Consult him!



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  1. Nice story.

    Guys, we need to pray about the implosion in Lagos.

    Lots of semi-skilled and unskilled people losing from all the fires going around. Fires in The south, Boko haram in the North