Hello friends how did your week go?

Can I just say this is the first weekend I'm not exactly looking forward to, because of the amount of things that I have to do this weekend.

I resumed Law School last week (apparently five years in university is not enough to be a lawyer) and lectures started on Monday, and it has been some weird shades of hectic and it's just week one.
To be honest I really haven't spent much time in prayer and studying the word has I would have loved to, because every small break I get I am trying to sneak in a little knowledge for the next days class, chaii I miss my random prayer, worship and kabashing breaks.

I would get better with working with my schedule by God's grace, 

Even in my short comings I am thankful to God for always Loving me, 

That is what this weeks song is about it really does take a supernatural kind of love to love us despite all our mistakes, flaws and all the mumu things we do.

I am forever thankful to God for LOVING me, note that LOVING is a continuous thing. 

Download this awesome song and i promise you it would make you actually thank God for always Loving you.

Have a wonderful weekend, see you on Monday

x.o gbemieO                                                           



  1. That schedule will not get loose one bit my dear. That's law skol palava but in d end u will be grateful for grace that brought u thru. Folks will pack their bags as did in my campus cos its "mental masturbation" (for lack of beta semantics). Start d jacking since last week Monday dear. Am sure u will be just fine. Cheers!!!

  2. Lol thanks and thanks. It would end in praise In Jesus name,