I would never forget one memorable evening, while I was preparing for my final exams. My final semester seemed to me like my most un-prepared semester, like I was asking myself “how did I not plan my time well” how is it that I wasn’t reciting my notes yet and exams were just next week, how is it that I had so much to read.

 Usually I would have read over my notes like twice, and I would just be say revising during exam period, but this one I was just reading some notes freshly, some I didn’t even remember taking, all this was going through my head as I was trying to read oil and gas law or jurisprudence….I'm not even sure.

Suddenly I began to shake, like physically shake, I was afraid, nervous, dismayed, troubled (insert any other adjective you can think of) all at the same freaking time.

In situations like this my only calming mechanism is to pray in the spirit…I don’t know how to do any of those breath in breath out sometinz or meditation, or even the one I see in movies where they tell the person to count one to 10 backwards. I immediately began to pray in the spirit, and as I prayed the word of God came to my spirit “God will fight for you and you shall hold your peace”…lord you mean I should keep calm? How ehhn? How?

I didn’t even know where in the Bible it was, thank God for digital Bibles and the search options.

Exodus 14;14 “Jehovah will fight for you and ye shall hold your peace”, as I read I saw that this was what Moses told the Israelites when they were trapped between the red sea and the approaching Eqyptians. The Bible says that the Israelites lifted up their eyes and saw the Egyptians approaching. I was very similar to the Israelites in my situation, I opened my eyes (physical eyes if you may) and saw the bulk of what I had to read, and had a mini panic/anxiety attack.

Now the picture the holy spirit painted to me was a typical Nollywood movie and I would share it with you guys.
Girl A is being bullied by Boy B and Girl A goes to report him to her very muscular boyfriend, who comes out to fight le bully, now in most of these movies you would notice that while the boyfriend is beating the bully, the babe would be on the sidelines cheering him, “ehehhn, yes beat him well, yes!! Don’t mind the stupid boy, he didn’t know I had someone like you e.t.c”
 I immediately wrote down, "I shall not fret or bother, I shall only continue to cheer the lord and hail him, with praises while he fights my cause

This is what I’m encouraging YOU reading this to do, keep calm and hail God, praise him while he fights for you, depend solely on him, refuse to see through your physical eyes, but through his eyes.

I assure you God has got your back, and front sef

Have you ever been in a fix, or had a panic or anxiety attack, how did you overcome it, did you count one to one million? What’s your go to coping mechanism. Do share them.

x.o gbemieO


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