So I got a comment suggesting that I write a post on speaking in tongues…I don’t know why but my first reaction was ooshe set up, honestly I was sceptical because I feel it’s a sensitive topic and I kept telling myself I am not a pastor, and many other excuses the devil helped me come up with (yeah, let’s blame him for this one lol), but I did say I would pray about it so I can get direction on what to write and how to write it.

Recently I was just spending time chilling with God, praying in tongues (I am not aware that I was praying about anything in particular) to me I was just chilling and enjoying God’s presence and the idea came “why don’t you write on your experience” and slowly the Holyspirit gave me an outline and structure for the next series of posts that I have decided to title “THIS KABASHING THING”.

On Monday I would give you guys the gist of how I became baptised in the holyspirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, the next post would centre on how praying in tongues has helped my walk with Christ , personal experiences, high points and some seemingly weird things that have happened to me while praying in tongues, and some other stuff sha, and the last part would centre on experiences of different people that have agreed to share their stories as regards speaking in tongues.

I think it would be cool to answer your questions if there are any about speaking in tongues, if you have any please send them to or just leave it in the comment section.

Please get the word out there, I am very expectant and excited about this.
x.o gbemieO

As regards #TGIF this really awesome song by OBIWON has been on repeat called Bunibe according to OBIWON this song seeks to inspire faith and hope through praise in various circumstances.(source If you love to dance and get your praise on this is jam!!


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