Hello wonderful people, how are you doing this wonderful Monday? 
Is it weird that this Mondays post is also a "WATCHU?" post, I promise you it's a coincidence, I had no title for this post until this weekend, I even had no idea it was going to be up sef.

Anyways before I go off point today's post asks a very vital question.

I recently read 1 Kings 2 and ther's a part where David told Solomon to deal with Shimei for what he did to him sometime ago, in verse 36 out of his own discretion Solomon decided to give Shimei a condition for his death which stated that he would live so far he remained in Jerusalem, just like someone saying I am supposed to kill you o, but I feel like being nice, so go to Lagos build house there and live there, I won’t hurt you, but the moment you step out of Lagos you would surely die, it was a very simple contract, that seemed very simple to carry out for the sake of living.

Three years after Shimei died…no not by natural causes, but by the hand of Solomon. You see ehhn it turns out that one day Shimei was in the safety of his house, chilling and what not, then he heard gist that two of his slaves had run away…note the word two of his slaves o, not the only two slaves he had o just two out of all the slaves he had.

As soon as he heard he decided to run after the servants, and in doing this he went outside Jerusalem his safe haven, like when I was reading it I was just wondering which kind mumu behaviour be this, what could this servant do that the others couldn’t…is it that when they polish the guys shoe or washed the guys plate they used gold to do it, like what made this servants so important, that did not make him think about the fact that chasing them could make him loose his life. 

Hello mister?? Your life is at stake here, you could hire new servants or something, even if he had ended up getting the servants back, he wouldn’t have lived to enjoy them.

My question to you today is what are you chasing?,what are you pursuing?, many of us are running after things that we know would eventually hurt us, it could be a relationship, a friend, a job opportunity, the guy in the story above at the point of pursuing his servants, would have felt they were so important he couldn’t let them go.

The devil is very good at making unimportant things look like the very important things, we end up leaving our safety zone or covering in pursuit of these things, even though deep down we know that they would come back to bite us in the behind, or even cost us our lives in the long run.

Ask yourself this very important question what am I chasing, is it really as important as I have made it seem?
Is what you are chasing worth the chase?

Dear father, please help me not to run after anything that is not your will for me.
I receive strength to let go of anything I am running after that would lead to my destruction, In Jesus name.

x.o gbemieO


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