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My previous thoughts on speaking in tongues

I used to think it was just some spiritual exercise that showed that you were more spiritual than the others. I saw people speak in tongues every day and was like ok I'm a Christian, I just got born again, no need to jump the gun, they probably got born again before me so I'll wait for my turn as well. So in my mind I was like I don't Curr I'm still a baby Christian and these ones are way matured... I never really knew the implications, advantages and stuff, so I never really cared to get it asap.
 I was like it will come when it wants to come. But then deep down somewhere I really really wanted to speak in tongues.


 I resumed for school that session and I auditioned for the school praise team and after practise that day, we sang, prayed, and the next thing that happened, our choir master was like let us all start speaking in tongues. He said we should pray in the spirit and as for those that can't pay in the spirit ask God for the gift.

 In my mind I was like "Ouch" I was so pained I don't know why. I was like these people probably got born again before me why is he now saying I should speed up, I'm still a baby Christian please leave me to grow abeg. I remember that day, I did not pray because I was angry. 
He now dropped the bombshell after the practise and said that for you to remain in the praise team you have to be able to speak in tongues if not you would have to leave. 

I remember me going back to the hostel and ranting to my friends that what is this guys problem. That he doesn't expect everyone to be the same, that so he will bounce me now because I cannot speak in tongues, then one of my friends told me some thing I had never heard before. 

Speaking in tongues is like a cheat code. That while others are still praying in English you would have covered more and gone far in the spirit because you are communicating directly with God.

 I was like ehn ehn. Ok o. It was around October/November that year.

Fast forward to next year. The theme for my church convention that year was Holy Spirit. So after what my friend told me, I started becoming curious about the Holy spirit. What was it about this holy spirit? I wanted to know him the more and stuff. 

That same year Pastor E.A Adeboye declared a 100 days fast. When I started the fast my major prayer point was that God I want to be filled with the gift of tounguing,(as I like to call it) I want to speak in tongues like other Christians. 

This might be very funny to some people, like fasting to speak in tongues abi..like sooo people fast to speak in tongues. Well I did. I would wake up in the mid night everyday while my roommate was asleep, and cry to God and read bible verses that had to do with the Holy spirit. I was like God I have to know how to speak in tongues before the convention cos how will I enjoy it if I can't tongue I mean the theme was Holy spirit, and besides they were ready to bounce me form praise team if I didn't step up my spiritual game. As days went by I became desperate I would circle all these bible verses, read, pray and cry not cry per say oh. 

I would also ask my friends that could tongue some questions about the Holy spirit. Imagine all these struggle just for tonguing. I came across this bible verse 1st Corinthians:14:2 message translation explains that when you are communicating with God in tongues, you are talking to him in private language which no one else understands and that you are sharing intimacies with him. The Amplified version, explains that, you speak in an unknown tongue not known to men but to God and no one catches the meaning.

 This scripture burst my brain. Like I want to talk to my bff and I don't want my roommate to hear what I'm saying, I can just speak in a language my roommate does not understand so the gist is coded between me and God. 

So I started seeing the advantages and secrets of tonguing as I studied my bible. I was really being careful becauses i didn't want to form words on my own and start skabashing my own words. I used to do that when I was younger and I would see my folks speak, so I would just copy them exactly for fun. 

I came across another bible verse Acts:2:4 it explains that and they began to speak in tongues as the holy spirit gave them utterance, the message translation says as the Holy spirit prompted them, the amplified version says as the spirit gave them clear and loud expression. Then I realised that it's the Holy spirit who helps you, he gives you utterance, you don't need to force it or struggle becauses the holy spirit is there to help you express yourself. I learnt several lessons during this experience and they will be shared later on. 

Fast forward to the day before vacation from school, we had this praise night I went ready to dance my life out and praise God. I had never danced like that before actually it was really fun in the presence of God. Then at the end we just started worshipping God and thanking him for that session and exams and stuff and we were all worshipping God people on the floor and stuff and all of a sudden permit me to say this in yoruba "worship yen ti ka mi lara gan" you know when you are worshipping and words cannot just express how great this God is and you just start crying cos he's the bomb I was out of words to describe him.....and I just started speaking in tongues like no struggle.

 I didn't want to stop I just kept going on and on and on and the worship was just sweet and even when they were trying to stop us I didn't want to stop but I had to. And that was it. Btw my convention with the Holy spirit was great. oh I forgot to mention that I read the whole book of Acts that period as well part of the struggle.

Now the following are lessons learnt, and how speaking in tongues has helped me

1. So when I finally started speaking, I used to be scared of speaking it out loud especially when there were people around becauses I was shy. I kept thinking what will people think. What if they thought I was forming it. Well except for when I was at the praise team rehearsal so they could know that yes she can now speak in tongues..just joking..but generally I was shy. But Later as I continued, the Holy Spirit gave me boldness.

2. I realised that I could speak in newer tongues. very recently I wasn't connecting to the spirit when I spoke in tongues it was just there you know I wasn't feeling it. So I told the Holy spirit about it and he gave me newer tongues. I started speaking in newer tongues different from the one I used to speak. This has happened a couple of times. Your tongues can change and now this is new one is even sweeter than the old one sef

3. Now sometimes I don't want my roommate or people around me to hear what I want to tell God cos I feel that particular thing is very personal and stuff and of course if I say it out my roommate will definitely hear it so I just speak my coded language with God and he understands it and my roommate doesn't. so it's like a cheat code. It's also a cheat code for the devil because the devil can't even understand what you are saying. So he's like huh :s you leave him confused as well.

4. It has helped me cover more ground. I pray for longer hours without getting tired. Before I used to pray for 5/10 mins and then I'm like errrrrrrr what next but now I could go on and on and I don't even want to stop. My next door neighbour who is praying in English is probablly praying for her family and her exams and what she can comprehend and think about but I am praying and prophesying my God ordained future. So we might spend the same amount of time praying, but trust me I have covered more grounds than she has.

5. I have also learnt to praise God by tonguing. 1st Corinthians:14:2 message version says you can praise him in his private language of tongues. Sometimes I'm praising God and then it's just so amazing, I exhaust all the English words I know, then I shift to Yoruba and the I exhaust the Yoruba words I know, sometimes I don't even know what to call him again cos I can't just comprehend his greatness I just start skabashing because I'm out of words to praise him.

6. I have also discovered that when I skabash, I pray the perfect will of God for my life. Sometimes I ask for things that I do not need at that particular time or things that are not necessary for me when I pray in English. I.e. this is just a random example, God I want to get married before the end of December, and am praying about this becauses all my friends are getting married. What if Gods plan for me is to get married in 3 years time. So it's just easier and better to speak in tongues and pray Gods perfect will for my life instead of praying for my own blind will.

7. I'll try to summarise like 3 points together here. So several times I have gone into the exam hall just skabashing before the question comes...it's like a normal thing all my friends do but for me though its just on point. So the question comes and I don't know number one and we have to do it. I just skabash and write down mehn  sometimes I really don't know what I'm writing i'm even too ashamed to reread what I wrote...I'll just be laughing at myself because i'm too sure i'm writing rubbish. And then fast-forward to result time and I have an A and i'm like how...it has happened several times. 

Now another thing is that it makes your life easier. .Okay there was one time I liked this guy and I wanted to seek Gods opinion about it and I decided to fast that day and I started skabashing and the next thing the Holy spirit told me "Don't waste your time...sososo and so is a no go area" am like oh ok cool and that was few minutes after I started skabashing. Imagine I was praying in English. I would have couched my prayer this way "God you know sososo is a born again Christian and I like him, please make a way and let me marry him if that is your will for me" something like that sha cos I will want to pray my own blind will but as I skabashed It was so easy for me to pray the perfect will of God and he told me see there is no road there...John:16:13 he will announce and declare to you of things that are to come. Some of the other great spiritual ideas I have received, are as a result of skabashing.

8. Skabashing also helps you extract answers from the spirit to solve life's problem. This one is not my testimony but someone as having issues with his project he got stuck he didn't know what next to write for like a month because there was this thing he could not solve. and then he spoke the coded language to God and then the breakthrough came. God gave him solution to the problem of his project and he solved it. 

So when I skabash the holy spirit gives ideas to tackle that particular problem. I have had so many life issues like I don't know how to do this and that and it bothers me and when I skabash it falls into place and the Holy spirit gives me this idea that why don't you do this and that and then I do and it works out. 

9. When gbemi told me to write something, I was thinking that really how has speaking in tongues helped me...but then as I started typing, I realised that the list is very long. Like there are so many other things to say. But I will just limit it to these ones.

So skabashing, I call it skabash some people call it kabashig, it's the same thing anyways and it helps you in every aspect of your life. It helps you grow spiritually and it makes you have an enjoyable relationship with God. 

See ehn I can go on and on about this. Now every Christian needs to skabash cos it helps your spiritual life perfectly. See if you don't have the holy spirit your Christian race will be a struggle. I used to struggle a lot I remember I used to use vulgar languages alot. it was a normal thing for me. That time I didn't allow the holy spirit help me and it was just me struggling with my Christian life I would say today I will not insult anyone and at the end of the day I would have insulted the whole school. It was until I allowed the Holy spirit take over and help me work out my salvation, that was when my Christian race became easy for me. So if you want your Christian race to be easy you need this if not your Christian life will just be all about struggling.

The Holy spirit also equips us to witness to other people. Once you catch the fire most times you just want to share the good news to other people. How he saved you and how he has been good to you. Before catching he fire, you might want to share the good news but you may be shy, what will Tolani say about me and stuff like that, but once you catch the fire, the Holy spirit gives you boldness and you no longer care about what Tolani will think about you. 

You just want to do it. Acts:1:8 message translation says when the Holy spirit comes upon you, you will be able to witness. Amplified version says you will receive ability, efficiency and might. Even if you were not capable to before, once he comes upon you, he gives you the capability to start witnessing. It's just easier and that is our major assignment here on earth.


Now to receive the Holy spirit is not hard at all. You don't need to go through all the struggle I went through, I would say ts cos I was ignorant and I just didn't receive the Holy spirit when he was there the whole time. Pastor Segun Obadje said that the holy spirit is always there, that we are the ones that have refused to switch on, so he is there and then there is this switch, we either switch it on or off. So when we switch on he is there for us and when we switch off, he is still there waiting for us to switch back on. 
So it's not difficult, I have heard if stories where a man gets born again and immediately he catches the fire. All you need do is to believe, and receive and begin to speak. That is it. God bless us. 

Balogun Moyosore



  1. God bless you dear friend!! This is an amazing piece

  2. God bless you dear friend!! This is an amazing piece

  3. You don't understand what "speaking in tongues" really is. Read the whole of the 1 Corinthians 14. Don't just pick out a line

  4. Hi, I appreciate your comment.
    Would you like to share your understanding of "speaking in tongues" with me.
    I would loove to hear from, you, we are all on earth to learn.
    You can email me at gbemieobadan@gmail.com.