Everytime I hear the word death my mind goes to wunmi....this does not help as it is the end of the year, and every pastor is praying that we will all see 2016, and that death would not come near us, I still find it hard to shake off the voice that tells me "but wunmi did not see 2016"

It is hard

Dealing with the death of a loved one is hard

Wunmi was my best friend...did you see what I did there? I freaking used the word WAS like how do I use past tense to describe my own friend.

I would never forget that Thursday, 17th of December, I just had lunch, and was watching an episode of "The Good Wife', I heard my phone ring, it was wunmis mum calling me, I had spoken to her that morning to find out about wunmis health, but I couldn't really hear her well, and had texted her that I would call her back after class.

She was probably calling me to update me or so I can talk to wunmi...so I thought.

Final year thanksgiving with my short one, photobombed by bisayo's back

Wunmi liked this picture of us, I hated it.

Then I heard the words "Gbemi wunmi is dead" as I type this my hands are shaking, it's still hard to put wunmi and death in the same sentence.

I ran to Moyo and Bisayos room amidst tears, I was confused. How??, She was ill I know, wunmi always pulled through all this sickness, even after God changed her genotype from sickle cell, the devil still liked to try and joke, I prayed with her on Monday evening, we still gisted that evening and laughed even though she couldn't talk much, she was owing me gist and had promised to give me the full gist when she was better.

I asked God if I was supposed to praise him, even after he took my friend away, my parents tried encouraging me with scripture...it really did not work, I just couldn't understand it.

We have been friends since our first year in university, been roommates for two years, walked to class together, slept in the same room, even on the same bed some times, shared everything from clothes to provisions to money, wunmi knew my atm pin, and I had hers tucked somewhere in my wallet (because I always forgot it), we prayed together, laughed together, shared secrets and of course fought, chaii wunmi could be so annoying with that her high pitched voice.

That night as my friends and I (all best friends with wunmi) gathered in Mo and Bisayos room, we cried, in fact we wept, then Mo spoke: you guys lets thank God wunmi knew Jesus...mo seemed to be the strongest out of all of us.

At least that was one thing to thank God for

-She spoke again you guys you know wunmi has had some terrible, crises that, could have taken her life, but then she was still struggling spiritually, she didn't have a personal relationship with Christ then, if it was left to the devil, she would have died then.

The Crew minus pelumi: Moyo, gbemie, ife, titi, bisayo and wunmi

The next day I had to go to class eyes swollen and red, eye bags big enough to carry load, amidst questions of what happened to your eyes and fake smiles, I got through class, it didn't help that the topic was "Letter writing" wunmi was the letter writer of the group, she wrote all our letters for us...let her be in Mars and we on earth we would get in touch with her she would write the letter and send it.

As I got to my room, I felt led to read the book of Job, I read about how Job worshipped God even though, all his children, had died.

Job 2:10 which I read in the Message translation, hit me hard Job told his wife"...we accept the good days from God, shouldn't we also accept the bad days too".

It was hard but right there told God that I accepted this from him...by now the news was out, several RIP messages, and d.p changing, I was in shock, the tears were flowing uncontrollably.

I will never forget singing "Praise you In the storm" by Casting Crowns while the tears were just flowing.

That song says "you are who you are no matter where I stand"...what truth God is who he is no matter what happens

I was comforted by the story of Job, even when the devil was acting the fool...God's hand was in it all, the devil couldn't do anything to Job without taking permission from God first, the holyspirit made me understand, that God allowed it happen. Wunmi was a child of God, and because God is in charge of every single on of his children, there is no way he was sleeping when death came.

That night as I held hands with my other best friends and we prayed together, I can never forget the way I felt as the holyspirit assured me that wunmi was at peace, and that God had called her back.

That was the first time I had felt peace concerning it all.

I think that was the last time I did proper crying, even though a few tears have been shed, especially with the fact that everything seems to remind me of her.

But I have been able to thank God through it all.

The crew minus Moyo: Wunmi, titi, ife, gbemie, pelumi and Bisayo

I woke up on Monday with joy in my heart and a song on my lips...and I worshipped God sincerely.

It was truly unexplainable, but I know such joy could only come from him, and from knowing that my friend slept in the Lord.

It would have been worse if after all the battles she faced on earth, she left earth only to continue a life of suffering with the devil.

No more struggles, pain, injections, drugs, even reading sef. Everything is over

Wunmis death taught me one thing I can die any time, every breath I breathe is by Gods mercy, so I should cherish it, and make it count for his glory, this applies to everyone.

The only way you can really rest in peace after leaving earth is by surrendering, your life to the one that really matters, JESUS the one who is the giver of LIFE, the one who has conquered death, and has turned something so terrible as death to REST for his beloved.

Please do not let the devil deceive you into thinking, when you surrender your life to him, you would miss out on what everyone thinks is "LIFE" or "FUN".

There is no life outside the giver of life. Because of him I do not fear death.

Graduation day.

Would you really Rest In Peace after you leave earth?

I would still think of Wunmi whenever I hear death, but I know Jesus is working on me one day at a time, he is mending my broken heart, and would fill the void in my heart wunmis loss has created, he has started already, the fact that I wrote this piece without tears rolling down my eyes is a sign...they gathered but just didn't drop. Go JESUS you did it.

I have proposed that Wunmi's passing would be to his glory, as I would use it to tell everyone about the God that stooped so low out of love to become flesh, so that I can have eternal life, the God that picked up a terrible human being like me and decided that my life would glorify him, the God that is capable of cleaning even the worst person, no matter how bad he thinks he is, or how far the person has gone from him.

The God that is so rich in mercy, and kindness.

The God that is LOVE.

Enjoy the rest of this year friends, and share love this season.

X.o gbemieO

By the way wunmi had a blog, you can check it out I promise it's worth it strokesbywunmi.wordpress.com



  1. Oh Gbemi!! Well written!!!...it is well!!

    1. Ohh ybj muziek thank you....it really is well

  2. This is a beautiful piece. Thank you so much for this. God bless you Gbemi

    1. Thanks faith...thanks for reading I appreciate, and a big AMEN

  3. I especially liked the part where you said "Go JESUS, you did it." Absolutely refreshing.

    1. Thanks for reading laide...honestly that is the summary of it all Jesus did it

    2. I do not personally know you, Gbemie. But I'm one of Wunmi's closest friends at the Yenagoa campus of NLS. I have been burdened with thoughts of her and the wonderful moments we shared together albeit for a short period of time. Reading this piece this evening has given me peace and confirmed what truths God has been impressing upon me about Wunmi's passing on to glory. Thank you do much. Wunmi was indeed right when she told me she had an inspiring best friend who she missed so much.

    3. Hello chiebuka
      This message is heart warming, I really do appreciate.
      It's a good thing you got to meet wunmi, and I'm thanjful you had peace while reading this...it really does make me smile.
      God bless you for leaving this comment, and dont forget to share and subscribe.
      Take care of yourself

  4. wao..This is soothing..God comforts us so dt we can comfort others, only knew Wumi as an easy going girl in college, hostel or chapel, didn't get to talk to her but I'm glad she knew God nd dt's one thing I thank God for daily..God bless you for this

    1. Amen to your prayers....God bless you also for reading. I hope you didnt forget to subscribe :)