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Hello readers,

Hmmmm....... I’m super certain we all love God . Our faithful God,Our compassionate father, The lord who watches over us and provides for our every need. He is awesome right. I know.

Now i rephrase..... is there someone out there who has experienced some really harrowing experience like the death of a loved one, loss of some huge amount of money , been in an accident and couldn’t walk anymore or other equally terrible things and still said I BLESS THE LORD... lets answer this honestly in our hearts of hearts.
There is a tendency to love and praise the lord in good times right? One thing is that every trying time we go through defines our faith, it puts us through a test which we ought to pass as Christians. I recently or should I say i’m still experiencing a very trying time at the moment.

On the 17th day of December, 2015, I lost my friend ,Adeyanju Adewunmi Anthonia. If you understand the kind of relationship i have with my friends , you would know how hard this is. We are very few and pretty tight. I was in shock for a very long time ,I kept saying to myself “Bisi you can sleep sha, better wake up” but apparently i was awake and it was all so real. I could not even say anything or comprehend anything. I mean how can my short one be dead, I started evaluating the meaning of death, what is death? What is the effect of death?.
Bisayo and Wunmi
I just did not get it. I could not even cry because I just didn’t get it or understand howwwwwww ? I fell sick sharply and immediately by the way .

To familiarise you guys with how much wunmi’s death affected me, ill tell you about wunmi. In this process , i wont refer to her as ‘was’ i understand English but I choose not to.

Wunmi is a very short and cute person . Have u heard of smarttttt? My baby is very smart. We go to her with all of her problems from letter writing, to choosing project topic to spiritual matters. She motivated me a lot spiritually and education wise. She acts like a sister to everyone. She talks about her family all the time and she revolves around them

I wanted to be smart like wunmi, so I would jack (read) my life away. I should tell you, although it worked, wunmi is still smarter all day, everyday. Wunmi is the only person who calls me my full name “bisayo” , you can’t understand how much this means because my other friends never call me by my real name, they either call me bazi, bisi, bazo or something silly.

You could go to wunmi at anytime of the day for all sorts , like wunmi come and straighten my hair, I’m hungry ,will you go to the cafeteria for me , i want to roll my hair,i want to massage my back, follow me to clinic in the middle of the night and all other things. TRUST ME SHE WILL DO ALL THESE THINGS BECAUSE SHE IS THAT MUCH OF A BEAUTIFUL SOUL.

I'm sure you are thinking, uggg she is perfect abi? Well, Wunmi can be super annoying, she disturbs your sleep almost all the time, without acknowledging that she did it, finishes your  garri and groundnut, steals your bucket of water or should i say carry it without your permission, disturbs you at odd times as well. I don’t pick fights with people, but i have had one of my biggest fights with wunmi likeee major drama , moment of stamping feet and banging the doors “lool we were serious drama lords”.

The time Bisayo was feeling like a make up artist and decided to do photo shoot with wunmi
One major attribute wunmi had was her life in Christ. Wunmi knew God( I'm beginning to employ past tense, oh my God) she loved the lord, she was a very strong believer. She led so many people to Christ. She was not just a Christian by title but lived by every word of God.

When you lose this kind of friend, what is your automatic reaction? You start to ask God questions, you almost want to or even start blaming God, they say he has a reason for everything , what could possibly be the reason? 
Why inflict such pain on me ? on her parents and siblings. This is so terrible and wicked. You even hear possible justifications for death, that God wanted to spare her from suffering and pain , spare her from committing any further sin, stop her from deviating from Christ or it was the right time and she had fulfilled her very mission in life. For goodness sake, all these reasons would just pass by your ear, she was a young girl with a lot of dreams and goals in life. 
These things don’t make sense even if they are true. Realistically , you just can’t hold on to any of these reasons.

This is why we must do and see things differently as believers and true Christians. Although, just like everyone else, the loss of a loved one is very difficult. At least, it was really difficult for me, and these words of succour didn’t just do it for me but after spending time with God , I am beginning to understand and I know God is a justifiable God and there is a reason for everything. I didn’t just lose my friend as a whim.

On this I judge God faithful , I judge him merciful ,compassionate and wonderful. 
For a fact I know wunmi is in heaven and “chilling with the angels’’.

The following are some scriptures that greatly encouraged me:
In the book of psalm 116: 15 , it says “ Precious in the sight of the lord is the death of his faithful servants” According to John 10:27-29 “ My sheep listen to my voice , I know them and they follow me , I give eternal life and they shall never perish , no one will snatch them from my hand” Also, John 11:25 says “ I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me live ,even though they die and whoever lives by believing in me will never die”. Finally what Revelations 14: 13 summarises is “blessed are the dead who die in the lord from now on , they will rest from their labour for their deeds will follow them” I have gone over this verses, although I do not know it all but I’m utterly convinced my friend is in heaven, I mean where else would she be. Why then would I blame God, why wouldn’t I praise God for delivering her from this sinful world and giving her eternal peace and joy. I would miss her very much but I know she is in a better place.

I can only pray and i humbly ask everyone reading to pray to God for her family that they would be given the strength to overcome this trying time and fortitude to bear the loss. I pray the lord will fill the void in their hearts and they will know peace and calm in the end. I trust the lord will be with them continually and help them through this process ,also giving them divine healing in the process, for the book of Job 5 ;18 provides that “ for he wounds but he also binds up , he injures , but his hands also heal”


In the end, I would enjoin us to do all things in Christ ,According to Romans 14:8 “ For if we live , we live for the lord and if we die , we die for the lord , whether we live or die ,we belong to the lord” . We must try to live our lives in order to belong to the lord whether living or dead. For what is the point of a life spent without God in it?
 Let’s think about it.



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