"And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues"; Mark 16:17

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This is the second post in the "Kabashing" series and in this post I would be explaining this wonderful gift, in very simple terms, and also giving a personal example on how praying in the spirit has helped me.


I want a new phone because the one I currently have is wack, but I have a tablet, that does everything I need in a phone, which I use most of the time, so I wouldn't say I really need it like that.

Now lets say I did not have a tablet, and I did not have a phone, then I would NEED a new phone, because I wouldn’t have anything to take selfies with or access the Internet or do other important things with.

Imagine I was in this need and someone gave me a gift in a box, which I collect but I do not open, so I do not know that inside the box is an iphone 8, even though the phone is MINE ,technically but due to the fact that I did not open the box, I would still be without a phone, this would lead to me praying, wishing and begging for a new phone, because I haven’t actually RECEIVED this phone that has already been made available for me.

The baptism of the Holy ghost is like my need for a new phone, note I used the word NEED not WANT, which has already been made available to me but due to reasons best known to me I have chosen not to avail myself of this gift of a new phone.

It is available to every child of God.

It is available to you because Jesus commanded it in Mark 16;17 as seen above

Now in the above verse Jesus didn’t say, these signs might follow them, he said SHALL, hmm okay let me get a little legal here because law student…when a provision of law says SHALL it is stamped, there is no presumption or need for any translation, SHALL means SHALL It cannot mean any other thing asides what the law states.

Like wise when Jesus says Shall there is no need to start doubting, or presuming or trying to read extra meanings into it, he has commanded it that for as many would believe in him, certain signs SHALL follow or accompany you.

As I shared in my story,HERE one thing that held me back from speaking in tongues, after I became born again, was the fact that I looked at it as some really huge task that was almost impossible, I totally forgot that the Holy spirit himself is the baptiser, and because I have access to him all I had to do was to RECEIVE this wonderful gift that has been made available to me.

Praying in tongues for me, is like my own special spiritual language that I use to talk to God concerning the things deep down in my heart, the human language is actually very limited, limited in the sense that a language would only go as far as the civilisation or development of the people who speak the language, for instance there is an English word called “Telekinesis”, but there is no Yoruba word for that because the thing called "telekinesis" is foreign to the indigenous Yoruba speaking people.

There are times that you honestly cannot explain in words what is going on with you, or how you feel, because there are literally no words to explain it. When you pray in the spirit or in tongues, your spirit is the one praying, so there is no language barrier or inability to express yourself to God the one who can actually sort out what is wrong with you.

Let me give a personal example, there was a time I remember I was troubled in my heart, I felt like I was afraid about something, but I had no idea what it was, on the surface, everything was calm, I was my normal smiley self, but on the inside it was turmoil, even if I was going to pray in English or any other language I can speak what was I going to pray about?, I couldn’t even explain what my problem was, it was a terrible feeling.

The only thing that came to my mind was to pour out my heart, in the spirit to the one who could handle the issue, my spirit was communicating my exact needs to God, my heart was able to speak to God through the help of the Holyspirit.  

According to Paul, in 1Corithians 14;14 our spirit is praying but our human understanding cannot comprehend what is going on because the issue has passed normal surface things that our human minds can perceive. Well after I prayed for a while in tongues, I began to feel peace, my heart rate stabilised, and I just knew that the issue was sorted out. And whatever it was that was troubling me had been taking care of by God.

Another thing I would love to add is that Man is a Spiritual being, our God is also a Spirit, when we pray in tongues or in the spirit, it's like spirit relating to spirit on the same level. I am not saying God does not understands other languages, but there is something really special and exciting about this spirit to spirit communication, that I feel every Child of God should experience.
My human mind perceives that this post is getting longer than normal, so it’s time to end it.
In the next post I would be sharing other reasons with personal experiences as to what is so exciting about "THIS KABASHING THING"
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  1. Who is like unto thee, O LORD, among the gods? who is like thee, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders