This was a question that someone asked at my fellowship last week, the first thing that came to my mind was how do I know I know my friend, I asked my friemd Mo that was sitting beside me "how do I know I know you"

Well I got prompted to write something on it, this question shows that a lot of people want to know God but dont know how to know him (if that makes sense) or they think they know him, but are not sure if they do

A quick google search of the word know brings out different definitions

  • To be aware of through observation, inquiry, or information.
  • To have developed a relationship with (someone) through meeting and spending time with them; be familiar or friendly with.
This definitions shows that to know someone or something you have to be aware of the subject, and you have to be familiar with the thing or person.

I am going to split the verb "to know" into two categories
  • Knowing by famzing
  • Knowing by intimacy or by relationship
When you know someone by famzing, it does not necessarily mean you have a relationship with the person, but you are aware of the person and you have knowledge of the person for instance I know beyonce lol yes I know her because I have heard her music, I know she has a husband, a daughter, used to be a member of destinys child, someone who is a fan of beyonce would know all her songs by heart, her birthday, even wish her happy birthday on her bithday via twitter or instagram even argue with people about her and knows everything reported about her on the internet.

So if someone randomly asks me gbemi do you know beyonce I would say yes na, but if they ask me something intimate about her like the last time she and jayZ Fought I would probabbly ask u If I told you I was her bestie.

Truth is I know her, but I know her by famzing, and not on a personal level.

Back to the question I asked my friend Mo, how do I know I know you, well lets start from the fact that I have known her for a long period of time, and our friendship has grown since then, we constantly gist, share each others secrets, ask ourselves personal questions, I always want to know whats going on with her. If a random person came to say something incorrect about her I would argue with the person, and I would correct the person, with facts as per friend of life that I am.

I actually know mo, not by famzing or by reading up stuff about her or making enquiries about her but by forming a relationship with her.

This is the same with God, 
How do you know God?, do you know him by famzing, e.g by hearing about him in church or what people say about him, or you know him on a personal basis, have you over time formed a relationship with him, do you talk to him, do you want to know what he is saying by reading his word the Bible,

If a beyonce fan tells me I do not know beyonce I wouldn't argue, because I do NOT know her, well if err maybe kelly rowland (her best friend or solange her sister) tells said beyonce fan that he or she doesnt know beyonce that fan would be quite un wise to argue with them, you see there are levels to this knowing thing.

I realised that to know someone is a continous thing, if I havent seen a friend of mine in about a year and I also havent spoken to this friend in a year, I would still know her, but not on a recent level.

The same way it is with God.

That day at fellowship we were asked to pray and ask God for the grace to know him, I found myself praying earnestly and I still pray to know him, because just like I always want to know what the latest is with my friend, I want to know what the latest is with God,

It's a relationship that does not come to an end, he keeps revealing himself to us as long as we continue our relationship with him.

God is not abstract, he is not just some being that lives somewhere up there as people paint him to be, he is as real as the fingers on your hands.

The sad thing is we cannot know God by famzing, as I earlier established if you know someone by famzing, you can know about the person, but you cannot know personal details about the person.

The only way to know God is by having a personal relationship with him.

I can say I got to know God the moment he stopped being a concept to me and started being a friend to me, when I started talking to him, when he started showing me things in the Bible, when I started feeling his tangible presence, when he started talking to him, just like any friend would do.

Now to after my question finally, how do you really know you know God.

Because the holyspirit knew that such questions were going to come up he provided an answer for us in Romans 8:36

The Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God.

That is the perfect answer the spirit of God which is the holyspirit confirms to us in our spirits that we are children of God, that we know God.

The answer most people would give you to this question is you just know, you just know because you get a confirmation from within that you are a child of God.

You cant get this confirmation if you only know God by famzing sad but true.

This confirmation only comes from a personal relationship with him.

Do you have a personal relationship with God?

If you dont have one don't fret it's not difficult the Bible tells us that if we confess with our mouth and we believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord you will be saved. Romans 10:9

If you have any questions I would love to hear them in the comment section, or you can send me an email at
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