This post is long over due, I was supposed to post this in the beginning days of the year, thankful I finally got around to posting it. I just read a post from Tuke morgans blog about writing down the things you want to achieve or do,and it gave me extra ginger to post this. One thing about announcing your plans or goals to the world, is this Africa we live in, lets not lie, we have all had things happen to us that would warrant our parents to tell us don't tell anybody o, well because everyone seems to have enemies and stuff like that, so it's just safer to be wise about sharing such. 

I would be sharing with you a few goals I made for 2016 at least the ones that seemed shareable doing this with the hope that someone reading this would get inspired to also make goals for the new's not too late and also to keep myself accountable. I plan to do a quarterly review on this goals and share how much progress or otherwise I have made.

I recently learnt about making SMART goals, SMART is an acronym for Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic and Timely it's important that when making goals we put this acronym into consideration, for example are they specific, are you just rambling and building castles in the air? can you actually name the goals? are they measurable? is there a way you can measure your goals in terms of achieving it?, progress made? and stuff like that then the goals have to be attainable, is it something possible? something you can do? what steps or plans are you taking towards achieving the goals, the goals also have to be realistic, if I have a goal to be a lawyer this year, and I have not even pssed WAEC this is obviously very unreaslistic, lastly the goals have to be timely, It's important to put a time frame on your goals in order to motivate yourself, if you plan to buy a house some day the probability of you buying a house is very low, because someday is not s definite as saying in 2020.

You can read up on SMART goals on the internet, I do not really want to delve too much into it. 

 I will be sharing some of my goals for the year with you, at least the ones that are not too personal.

Firstly I divided my life into aspects or parts, after doing that I thought of the things I would love to attain in the different areas or aspects and I wrote them down.


Upper year was my fit fam year, I did love working out and eating clean, it helped that I had a trainer to motivate me, well towards the end of last year I backslid and I went all out with my eating habit, from junk food, to eating super late, to over eating, of course I added all the weight I worked so hard to gain. 
Incidentally my friend sent me this picture as I was typing or nah

I'm not going to lie to myself and say I'm going to jump right back into the fit fam life, but I have decided that soft drinks are going to be far from me this year, well I have had a couple soft drinks already this year, but I am still determined I also plan to do more of my favourite exercise skipping.....I would keep you posted about how this goes in four months time God willing


This year is the year of the Bar exams...yep! I would be taking the Nigerian Bar Exam this year, the first thing I did as regards goals was to have my desired result in mind, and in faith mention it to God, I also drew up a study plan and made a few adjustments to my lifestyle e.g sleeping, movie watching, gisting and even social media time, I tried to allot time to all these things and put my self on a schedule from time to time I know there would be tweaks here and there, I resume school for my second term tomorrow, I can't wait to put my new plan into action, and I would definitely give you all a feed back so help me God .


This year is going to be my year of prayer by God's grace. There were two things that motivated me towards the end of last year one is the movie war room and the other is an interview with Mark Batterson I watched on Daystar t.v about his book called THE CIRCLE MAKER click the link to know about the book, the title of the book is gotten from a jewish myth or story about a man who prayed to God for rain over Israel in a time of drought you can read the story here, I was really inspired by the interview as Mark talked about consistently praying our dreams to a reality, he also mentioned having a prayer journal, where you write down your prayer points and constantly go back to them, and remind God about them, they also serve as a source of testimonies for when God answers our prayers. He also talked about circling promises in the Bible and praying them into existence in our lives

I decided I was going to start journaling every prayer I pray this year...come on board if you want, a little spiritual exercise never hurt. By the way if you haven't seen the movie War Room, please go see it, it's a powerful movie on prayer and it's in cinemas world wide (Nigeria included lol)


This year I actually drew up a financial plan, I know a lot of people do that, well I am sort of a mental planner, this does not usually work out well for me in terms of finances, so I decided to actually write down how I plan to spend my allowance, after removing my tithe, I wrote down how much I expect myself to spend on everything, from feeding to hair making, to credit, to offering in church to everything really and of course to how much I should save each month.

I also plan to earn a few money off my personal skills, I am not exactly sure I know what my talent is but I definitely know I like talking to people and sharing life experiences with the hope of encouraging people, so if you have any idea as to what field or area I can go into especially in building myself or oportunities available you can leave a comment or email me at Also if you want to place adverts, on the blog, you are welcome to do the same.

I have a feeling this is the year I put booking details in my social media profiles lol.


My goal is for this blog to grow. To have a wider reader base, and to get the message of the love of Jesus to as many as possible, I plan to do this by getting more features, interesting and realistic topics, of issues that face young people and their christian life, and even life generally, if you have any ideas for topics or things to do to bring this goal to a reality please leave a comment or e-mail me.

I also plan to meet more people this year, make new friends, build on the ones I have, appreciate and love my best friends more, I plan to do this by being more receptive, I have been told I do not have a very friendly face lol (still wondering what that means) I am one of those people that isn't very receptive at first glance but displays her razz goofy self when I get to know you.

I also plan to call people more this year, sadly I am one of those people who always plan to call but never actually call lol not proud of this.

These are a few of my goals for the year 2016. 

Do you have any goals for the new year? It's not too late to write them down, and plan and pray towards achieving them, do not forget to also check yourself whenever you sense yourself slacking, do not beat yourself up when you fail, just propose to do better.

Where there is life there is hope.

x.o gbemie.O



  1. Writing down goals, and any other stuff certainly goes a long way in helping us get better.

    I love how you shared yours into different areas.

    Thanks for sharing. Me and my alter egos will probably have to make some tweaks in ours as we have seen in yours.

    We look forward to the growth of this blog and the efficacy of its musings.


    1. Hello ore
      Thanks for your comment, this is actually my first time writing down goals for the new year.
      Thanks for the good wishes, my regards to your alter egos and best wishes in your goals for the year, I will check on ypu when I do my quarterly review

  2. Goals written, time not allocated. Thank you for the push. Success, as you achieve yours and as i achieve mine. 👌👌👌

    1. Three gbosa for you Ayo for at least writing them down, that's a good starting point, don't forget to put a time frame so it can motivate you to work harder. I'm glad this gave you a push. I would check with you when I do the first quarterly review, if you do not mind. Gods grace in achieving your goals in Jesus name.