Boy I am glad to be doing this finally…it has been sooo long, time has not been my best of friend of recent, coupled with some other factors I do not want to go into, I am glad to be finally typing this. (I was literally smiling through out the time I was editting this post,  that is how much I have missed you all)

Well while I was praying about what the next post should be, the holyspirit dropped prayer in my mind, not even to talk about prayer, but to drop some prayer points for some of my you all my wonderful readers.

Weirdest thing ever I know, because even me I was like who dedicates a whole blog post for prayer points…apparently I do.

So in this post you are not just going to be reading you are going to be PRAYING!!! Can I get an AMEN!! Lol,

I was lead to share some prayer points that I have prayed this year, and some that I am still praying, remember I spoke about me having a prayer journal in this post HERE, so all I had to do was flip through my prayer journal and pick the ones I was lead to share.

One of my favourite things to do, is to get prayer points from the scripture, it’s really exciting to me when the holyspirit explains things to me and gives me something to pray about from the word, so I am going to first be sharing the scripture, the explanation I got from it, and of course the prayer point from it.

1) Isiah 43:19

This is a very popular scripture, but very recently I read it and it jumped at me, the holy spirit painted a picture of A WAY IN THE WILDERNESS a wilderness could be say Sambisa forest, just bush and bush and bush no path way, no route or map, imagine yourself in this kind of situation, it’s a state of total confusion.

PRAYER: Father firstly I thank you for what you are doing in my life, and what you have done so far for me this year, for the new things that are bound to happen for me this year.

Father I declare where there is confusion, there shall be a path created by you for me.

RIVERS IN THE DESERT was another thing that stood out for me in this passage.
I saw this as meaning rain in dry season, when everyody is saying things are hard, or there is economic melt down, God will miraculously provide, and my testimony will be different.

I declare in Jesus name that where there is nothing I shall have plenty.

When things are dry generally, it shall be wet for me in Jesus name.


Father as I go into this new year, this uncharted territory just as you went before the Israelites and they claimed the promised land I will claim this year through you in Jesus name .

3) PROVERBS 4;26
When I read this passage a light bulb literally went off in my head, hmm to ponder the way of one’s feet, to think before you carry your legs, many of us just go any where, anytime, anyhow, many of the troubles we face today or we have faced in times past is as a result of where we have gone to, because we did not think of where we were going be fore we went there, we just did follow follow, we did not think to ask ourselves will this place I am going glorify God? Will the holyspirit manifest in this place? This is not just physical but also spiritual, sometimes we make decisions and enter into agreements, without even pondering or thinking about it, this could be very dangerous.

Father please help me to ponder the way my feet should go, help me to weight decisions in light of your word, help me not to go into where you don’t want me.

My legs both physical and spiritual would not carry me to destruction in Jesus name because I receive the grace to ponder the path of my feet and weight them according to your precepts in Jesus name.

4) John 15: 5-6

This is a prayer that I have been praying constantly, it has to do with the grace to remain grounded. As children of God we are connected to the vine, which is God, sometimes there is a tendency, for us to let pride creep in and make us think more of ourselves than we ought to, and think we can function outside the vine.

Imagine a branch cut off from a tree, it might remain fresh for sometime, on the ground and with time passing it begins to decay, just imagie how passers by will begin to step on it carelessly until it is buried in the ground, and out of sight. That is the exact case with us when we are disconnected from God our source.
The Bible even says that they will be packed aside and burned in the fire, the vine can function without the branch but the branch can never function without the vine.

Father give me the grace to stay connected to you always in Jesus name, I refuse to be foolish and be tossed aside into the fire in Jesus name.

I come against every spirit of pride that might deceive me into thinking I can do without you in my life

Father help me not only to stay connected but to bear fruit to the glory of your name

5) Deuteronomy 2;1

This is a scripture that shows me that God Is interested in guiding his children, he does not want his children to be going around aimlessly in circles, if you read this passage further you will see how God gave the people of Israel explicit instructions on what to do. Going round in circles, shows a state of confusion and lack of progress.

Father for every area of my life where I need direction, please give me explicit instructions.

Every area where I am confused and going around in circles, please lead me and bring my confusion to an end in Jesus name.

Are there any other things you might have gotten from this scripture that you would like to share?

Are there any prayer points that have been on your mind, please share with a sister, you know we all need prayers

Looking forward to hearing from you.

x.o gbemieO