Acoring to Google,  this is an ancient Jerusalem city wall and gate.

It happened as I was reading the book of Nehemiah, honestly it was my first time taking time out to read the book all I knew about Nehemiah was that he was the one that built the walls of Jerusalem.

As I was reading the word "walls" hit me, Nehemiah wept when he was told that the walls of Jerusalem were down, and the gates destroyed by fire(Nehemiah 1:3-4)...in my mind I was like OK this guy is quite emotional, crying over gate and wall.

Then I got to chapter two, where a dejected Nehemiah explained to the King why he was sad, he mentioned those two words again gates and walls.

Why? Whats so important in the gates and walls of the city, why wasn't he looking at the fact that the whole city was in ruins that's how my mind kept wandering o, gates, walls...gates, walls...whats so special.

Enter Holyspirit, the great explainer. The first thing he did was to remind me of where we (my family and I) lived before. It was a small three bedroom flat in an estate, every house in the estate was alike, most people didn't have a fence (wall) or a gate. Lol as I remembered I laughed, what did we need it for...err nothing really, there was really nothing to hide or protect. There was nothing my family had that the people living around us didn't have, more so the estate was quite safe, it was only the "rich" people that fenced their house and had gates.

From this picture I could see that a wall or a fence and a gate is useful for security purposes

The second picture the holyspirit painted for me was one from the Bible, remember the people of Jericho, and how the Israelites marched round the city walls for seven days straight.
You can read about it in Joshua 6.

I can imagine the people of Jericho or the (jerrycans lol) knew people were marching round their city, but why didn't they bother to chase them away, obviously because they felt safe, they were within their formidable walls. They were in an odeshi nothing do us state.

The Israelites knew that once the walls of the city were down, the city was down. The jerrycans felt that as long as their walls were up the crazy people marching outside were wasting their time.

In this scenario we see walls as a means of security and also a means of keeping the enemy out.

There is a safety that comes with being within a fence and having gates around us, there just this peace that comes with it.

In my present house before we go to bed, the constant question is "is the gate locked?" and my mum even after you say yes she will still go and cross check (super mom of life) 

I also remember that in our former house that there were times when we woke up to find out that we didn't lock the door

Now let me ask you this important question are your walls up, are your gates destroyed with fire?

Weird question I know, I will explain.

Reading this served as a wake up call for me, and it should to you reading this.

Matthew 6:22
Physical walls and gates: our eyes, ears, and our emotions. These are very important gates to our minds, what we see eventually becomes, what we think upon, imagine and even act out. The same goes to what we hear and feel. 
When these walls are down, we feed our minds with everything and anything, no filter whatsoever. 

Another aspect of our lives where our walls need to be up is our spiritual walls, I really cannot over emphasise this, it's one area where a lot of us as young people need strength and grace from God, it's so easy to slack spiritually, it starts with postponing prayer time to ignoring your Bible, to feeling too tired to attend church, to ignoring God entirely.
 If your spiritual wall is down and your gates burned with fire, the only way to build it is by crying out to God for mercy and grace to continue with him. And of course you have to build the walls by prayer, reading his word and spending time in his presence.

Personally I sometimes "force" myself to read my Bible instead of watching a movie, and most times when I force myself is when I get maad word from the word (if you know what I mean)

The last wall that just came to me as I was typing this is our social wall. Simply put who are those you surround yourself with, it's OK to be friendly and nice, it's important to socialise and connect,but who are those you allow into your circle, they are probably the ones that would affect you.

Are your friends headed in the same direction with you?, If you're looking to build a stronger relationship with God and those you call friends do not care about such, err I think it's time to look for people going in the same direction.

If you are trying to make better grades in school, and your friends do not even care about their academic life, there is a high probability their attitude will affect yours.

I am not saying start judging your friends or dump them oo, I still have a lot of friends from my un-born again days, that I love dearly, but they are just not in my inner inner circle anymore, the reality of things is priorities changed and as the Bible rightly says, can two walk together except they agree?.

I heard this profound saying, and I think it's very correct. "if you want to know a mans end look at his friends"

Or as they say show me your friend and I will tell you.

Back to Nehemiah chapter 1 verse 3, as a result of the walls being down the people in the city suffered reproach.

Remember the people of Jericho, the moment the walls came down, they were open to attack.

Same as you, the moment your walls are down, you are in trouble.

Are your walls down, are your gates still up?

I will end this post with King Solomons words "HE THAT BREAKS THE HEDGE THE SERPENT WILL BITE" 
Notice how this hypothetical serpent did not climb up the hedge to bite, he waited till the hedge was broken.

By the way has anyone read the book of Nehemiah,  or do you even know there is a book called that, if you have read or stumbled across a chapter in it. What did you learn from it? Feel free to leave me a comment
X.o gbemieO


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