Hey guys, how has everyone been.

Firstly I would like to thank EVERYONE who reads this blog, it's so heart warming to know that someone somewhere is reading whatever I muse about.

I truly truly appreciate, I like to think of you all, as angels that God sends to keep, me going whenever things get overwhelming.

So lets jump into today's post.

I will be sharing something the holy spirit is still teaching me on FOCUS not just any FOCUS but focusing on him.

I recently read Tito Idakulas post on her blog (Read here) and the Bible reference for the post was Hannah...that prayer warrior woman that prayed down her son from heaven.

You know what's so awesome about the BIBLE, it is LIVING yes it breathes, it's not just some dead beat published book, that's why it doesn't matter whether we are reading the Bible in the manual form, on our gadgets or whether it's a word from a post on Instagram, so far it's the word it carries the same life giving power.

It's amazing how tito read the same scripture, got something from it, and gbemie after reading her post decided to read the same scripture and got something entirely different. AH-MA-ZING I know right.

As I said earlier the holy spirit has been and is still teaching me on FOCUSING on him and not on my surroundings or the things I see around me or even on how I feel.

The Bible reference is 1 Samuel 1 verses 1-8

The first thing that struck me was in verses 4-5, this verse talked about how Elkannah would give portions of meat to peninah and her children to sacrifice to God, and would give Hannah double portion of what penninah and her kids got, and the reason was because he LOVED her.

Even though she had no kids, he loved her. But darling Hannah couldn't be bothered to notice the love and extra attention she was getting from her husband because she was focused on her barrenness, it's really sad because the Bible tells us how she will mope and starve because of her sadness.

This shows that being focused on the wrong thing can make us not notice the things we are getting from God, his love. His mercy, compassion, miraculous provision and so many more simply because we are focused on the wrong thing.

Notice how the Bible didn't record that Elkannah ever blamed Hannah for her childlessness, but instead choose to show her extra love above the one that even had the child.

This also shows that even the thing Hannah wanted so bad couldn't guarantee the love of her husband.

This is me asking you what is that thing you are so focused on that is stealing your attention from the love of the father, what is that thing you are chasing, that you feel would get you satisfaction or would make you happy.

It could be a job, academics, social status. It could even be in our walk with God, some of us are so occupied with WORKING for God that we deny ourselves the joy that comes with WALKING with him.

This is me telling you today STOP and FOCUS.

Look around you and FOCUS on the fathers love for you.

The second thing I learnt from Hannah's story is that:


The enemy in this story is Peninah, check out verses 6 and 7

Peninah choose a particular time of the year every single year to start her trouble.

Whenever it was time for Hannah to meet with God at Shiloh and pour out her heart to God who could deliver her, peninah would upset her so bad Hannah would begin to cry and refuse to eat.

I don't doubt that Peninah noticed the extra show of love Elkannah was giving Hannah this time of the year, even though our beloved Hannah was too blind to notice it, the enemy wasn't that stupid.

And I do not doubt that she was jealous.

That person you are envying who seems to have it all in life and have everything figured out might just be the person that is jealous of you, they have probably noticed the grace of God on your life and his renewed mercies to you every morning, but you have decided to wallow in self pity and you are letting the enemy bully you and steal your joy.

Another thing I got from this is how important prayer time is, and how the enemy also realises what prayer can do in our lives, Shiloh was a very significant place for them back then, it was a place they went to annually to seek God's face

It's time for us to stop given in to distractions and pray our way out of situations. isn't it obvious how peninah distracted Hannah every single year from praying.

Just look at how Hannah's story changed the moment she decided to take all the frustration, taunting and channel it into prayer.

My last point is in verse 8 and it can be found in the very loving words Elkannah said to Hannah in her weeping "AM I NOT MORE TO YOU THAN 10 SONS"

I could just hear the holy spirit whisper to me am i not more than 10 of everything you are worried about?

You might not have it all but you have JESUS on your side, and he is more that 10 cars, 10 jobs, 10 houses, 10 new phones because once you have him you have all of it and even more.

That person in your office or class who you look so longingly at might not have JESUS, and in my opinion if you don't have Jesus you don't got nothing.

Who knows the person might even be looking at the Jesus in you while you are distracted by the flash and pizazz
One of my favourite songs




I learnt recently that when you keep looking and focusing on that issue you have, you begin to magnify it, you are not necessarily increasing the size of the problem, but it keeps looking bigger to you.

This is the exact same thing that happens when we choose to focus on Jesus, we don't change his size but we magnify him above our situation and he becomes bigger and bigger while our problems become smaller and smaller.


X.o gbemieO



  1. Thanks Gbemie. This post is indeed a blessing. Many times, our default setting is to focus on what life deals us rather than focusing on the One who gives us life. I'll definitely share this with someone. Thanks again

    1. Hello temi
      Thank you so much dear, I especially love what you said about our default setting being on what life deals, makes me know that i can reset my defaul setting using the word of God.

    2. Hello temi
      Thank you so much dear, I especially love what you said about our default setting being on what life deals, makes me know that i can reset my defaul setting using the word of God.

  2. This feature really hit my core. Having just come out of a relationship which has left me depressed and constantly questioning myself. This has made me calm and relieved a little. I need to direct my focus back to my maker. He's the only one at this point that can give my heart peace. Thank you for this.