Sometime last week my friend Victoria, sent me a message on twitter saying someone asked her for my email address, I sent it to her, and a few minutes later I got a mail, from someone (who I now consider a friend, lol I famzed my way into her life) saying she wanted to send me her "how I got saved testimony"

Read her mail below.
Hello Gbemi,
This really isn't a "How I got saved story".
I just want to share my story for someone out there who it might help.

In my final year in the university.
I met this guy and he was everything I wanted then in a guy. Previously I had been in other relationships and I guess I was kinda lonely. We started dating (if you could call what we were doing dating).

I made a lot of compromises for him. Ignored warnings from everyone, had a serious falling out with my closest friend then because of him, lied to my parents and my sister, had a LOT of pre- marital sex and started ignoring God.
This went on from June last year till April this year.
All this while, I had been getting nudges in my spirit that the 'relationship' was doomed to fail and that I had to break it off, but I kept ignoring these nudges.

We broke up twice but would end up back together. I couldn't even pray properly and the devil used that time to have a field day with me and even through all this I still kept on resisting God.
I think God finally said it was about time I stopped playing because the guy I couldn't bring myself to totally break up with was the one who called me to break up. He didn't even give me reasons why and I was okay with it. Surprisingly, I didn't even cry. I just spoke with the friend who I earlier said we had a falling out because of him and we reconciled.

Ever since then, I have had peace in my soul. The statement that sin hinders your prayers has never been more correct. The sins I used to indulge in are destroyed and nothing blocks my way to God now.

Even though I am gradually getting used to being single by studying God's word and other materials so that I do not get into any other compromising relationship, God has been faithful.

By divine arrangements, He has placed me in a fellowship that has helped me immensely in my spiritual growth and lines have begun to fall for me in pleasant places. I have had testimonies as a result of my working for God in the fellowship.
I believe God always looks out for us, we just have to let him have his way and even though it might hurt, it serves to make all things better.


After she sent it, I asked her a few questions via e-mail and she answered them

Q:Practical things she did to break up with het ex

A: I don't think I ever really put in any effort into breaking up. They were times I thought I could ignore him into leaving me when we had issues, but I would end up calling to apologise.

The only time I broke up with him was because something horrible happened to and he wasn't there for me to cry to. So the pain of hurt and disappointment make me text him that I wasn't dating him anymore. We got back together tho.

If I was to do the breaking up, what would've spurred me would've been the fact that I started realising we weren't going to pass the relationship stage ever, and a sisters eye was opening small small.

Q; What kept you strong after the break up?
A:It was God who kept me strong really. The second time we broke up, I was a wreck. That was when I understood why people commit suicide because of depression. Anyways, after the final breakup. God was still there for me. Friends helped as well and I had to find stuff to occupy myself with to keep him out of my head.

Q:Did you feel distant from God?

A:Definitely. I would be putting God on hold because I had to be at my ex's place or I had to do something I knew wasn't right. I couldn't even pray right right because I knew I was jonzing myself. But I still kept at my sin. Sometimes I imagined rapture would happen when I was doing what I was doing, but I still kept on.

Q:How did you get back with God

A:It's God who dragged me back oh. I probably would've still been with the guy now, travelling to Lagos like every two months to collect steady nacks and then begging God the day after I left his place to forgive me.

Q:Was it a slow process

A:I think it was a gradual process because my conscience was gradually coming back to life, or was it the holy spirit. I really don't know.

Anyways, with time I was able to reconnect back to God and that's all that matters.

This scripture dropped in my heart while I edited this post
The issue of ladies dating guys that they know are wrong for them is something very dear to my heart,, ihuomas story shows me that even when we are sinners, the heart of our saviour is constantly bleeding for us, her story speaks of mercy, the way God himself was able to scatter the relationship and draw her to himself is so amazing

If you are reading this and you are in a wrong relationship, a relationship you know is not pleasing to God, a relationship you know is making you sin, a relationship you know is creating a bridge between you and your saviour.

I want you to know that there is grace available for you to break away from it, that guy or girl does not own you, There is no greater love outside the one that was made available for you at Calvary.

I pray you receive grace, strength and wisdom to leave that person alone.

Trust me no one at all no one on earth is worth your relationship with Christ, and anyone that is causing you to sin, is definitely NOT worth it.

God wants everything we do to glorify him, including our relationships. Trust me there is someone out there that will love you the way Christ does and would push you towards him.

It doesn't matter if you both go to church together o, going to church together does not validate sin.

If you are reading this and the holyspirit is convicting you, please heed to it, don't joke with little sins.

I want you to know I just prayed for you, you can do it, and I am looking forward to hearing from you

X.o gbemieO



  1. I can really connect to Ihuoma's story. In 100 level, I had a fling with one ex-hall pastor girl that rather pulled me away from God. I remember leaving in the middle of fellowship one day (just after I led a song) to take her out on a date. All this things gave the devil a leeway in my life. He turned my life right side down and I became confused.
    Like Ihuoma, ever since I found grace, I've found peace. I became content in my singleness and fell in love with Jesus.
    Thanks for the post Gbemi, God bless you.

    1. Hey joel
      Thanks a lot for your comment, you are right, relationships that dont glorify God definitely give the devil undue access into our lives.
      Thank God for grace, peace from falling in love with Jesus, and grace to be content in singleness