A few weeks after I finished my final exams from the university

I had a very interesting yet awkward conversation with a friend, it went somewhat like this:

Friend: So now that you are done with university what do you plan to do?

Gbemie: Err well I have law school in a few months time so I would probably just rest.

F: Of course I know you have law school but what do you want to do with your life?

G: Err I don’t know.

*awkward silence* *crickets*

There was this really awkward silence.

The silence was worse because this was someone that kind of had life figured out.

He had told me about how by so so age he was going to do this and by this age he should have accomplished this and that and that.

He literally knew what he was going to do with his life.

That was the first time in my life I felt mediocre…truly mediocre…like a professional nobody and it sucked that I didn’t know what else I wanted to do with my life or didn’t have my life so well planned and figured out.

In that moment of awkward silence all I could hear through the silence was: SHAME ON YOU, AS OLD AS YOU ARE YOU DON’T KNOW YOUR PURPOSE

Now there is a lot of hype about knowing your purpose and knowing what you are supposed to do with life, there are a lot of seminars and books, motivational speakers and more hype about the whole concept.

You hear things like you should know your purpose at so and so age…you shouldn’t get married if you don’t know your purpose etc.

Now please don’t get me wrong it is good and important to know your purpose in life. 
I am just against the way we generally go about it.

These are a few things I have learnt about this purpose thing that I feel everyone should know.

  • God knows your purpose. A paraphrase of Jeremiah 29;11 is God telling you look before you had any plans for you or choose what to study in the university, I already had the ultimate plan for you 
  • Your purpose is not what you want to do with your life but what he wants you to do with it.
  • Your purpose may flow from your passion, gifts or talents.
  • The only way to truly know your purpose in life, is by listening to the one who created you. The best person to explain an invention is the inventor or the manufacturer 

A few weeks after this conversation with my friend the holyspirit laid the idea for this blog on my heart, and things started building in my heart as to what I would do with my life and these were things I knew were going to bring me a lot of joy, satisfaction and fulfilment.

I got a sense or a rough idea of what my maker wanted me to do, and every idea, picture or thought I had about my future came in my moments of prayer. Talking to God made him show to me what he wanted me to do...and may I add at the perfect time. I don't know why he didn't show me or give me a clue previously but I strongly believe God was working on his own timing, because I know God's clock is never late.

The funny thing is if you ask me what my purpose is now I wouldn’t give you specifics, I just say to glorify God…because ultimately that is what I live for. But I am sure there is no confusion as to what I am supposed to do, because God is never confused.

If you are reading this now and just like I was, you feel confused or like a professional nobody or you look around you and it looks like everyone as their stuff figured out stop looking around you and start looking up.

Take a chill pill and look to Jesus. Trust me as simple as this sounds it's the truth, not only is it the truth IT WORKS!!!

To give you a little piece of advice do not allow yourself undue pressure, what pressure does (at least for me is that, It allows me stop listening to the voice of the holyspirit…it doesn’t even allow me ask him for direction because I end up making hasty decisions and in the end my fingers get burned.

I don’t have everything figured out concerning this purpose thing or know all the specifics but I am confident that as I continue to walk with my maker and listen to his direction and of course obey, I am closer to fulfilling purpose.
X.o gbemieO

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  1. True! Obedience to God is the first step towards knowledge and fulfilment of Purpose, and as Christians we need to learn to always say YES to HIS Will... Well done ma.

  2. Thanks Gbemi. It's rather better to be consistent walking with our maker who unfolds our life assignments to us in bits. Figuring out our life purpose outside of him is nothing but pure delusion. God bless

  3. Wow. This is indeed an eye opener. Thank you for letting me know I'm not alone in feeling like a "professional nobody". This has really helped me.😊 Well done.

  4. Wow. This is indeed an eye opener. Thank you for letting me know I'm not alone in feeling like a "professional nobody". This has really helped me.😊 Well done.

    1. awwwn thank you so much faith, cheers to figuring out life step by step with God's guidance

  5. Cool. I always like it when someone demystifies the "big" stuff. From my own personal experience too, purpose is about sticking to God step by step. You only need to have a personal vision for your life though. But it has to always be amenable to His Supreme will. Thanks for this one, Gbemie

    1. hello ebuka we have one thing in common as i also like when people demystify "big stuff".thank you for your contribution, and you are welcome

  6. This came at the right time. Thank you so much Gbemi.

    1. firstly hiii layefa, so nie to hear from you, awwn, so glad to hear this, God is a God of perfect timing.
      i hope you did not forget to subscribe