Last week I participated in my first instagram competition, and I didn't win the first prize *insert sad face*.

The competition was one of this get the highest number of likes kind of competition, and the 1st and 2nd participants were to get a braid wig while the 3rd was to get a box of cupcakes. I decided to participate because I needed a braided wig for the following reasons :

1) My hair was beginning to break, so I wanted something that would help me look good while I treated the damage,
2) I wanted to be like my friend Minika, after this babe got a braid wig, she totally forgot the way to the salon.

While I tried my best to get the highest number of likes or second highest...I eneded up coming third. interestingly the Holyspirit taught me a few lessons from the experience, and I felt it will make a good blog post.

So here are lessons I learnt from participating in the competition

  • LESSON 1
Nothing in life is free.
I learnt that even though I was supposedly winning a "free wig" when i really considered things, it wasn't totally free. I spent a lot of time and my data, on instagram during this period, a lot of time I could have spent doing other things, and my data would have probbably lasted longer. this got me telling myself there really isn't no free lunch even in Freetown. for everything you think is free, someone has paid the price somehow anyhow. This should encourage you to value things more. Don't take things for granted, because everything material or immaterial has a price tag.
  • LESSON 2
Man was made to be social.
I don't really trust people who pride themselves in being lone wolves, #TeamNoFriends. is a very dangerous team to belong to. In order to get the amount of likes I got on the picture, I had to tag people to tag people, I had to message people and even "famz" people, lol yes the struggle was real, that is how badly i want(ed) the wig. What shocked me the most was how some people I had very brief encounters with were ready to mention friends and tell people to like the picture, it was really amazing. I know i would never have gotten the third price without the wonderful people who helped me like the picture.

You don't have to be chummy chummy with everyone you meaet, but it's important to build lasting and meaningful relationships, there are heights some people might never reach if a certain Mr X or Mrs Y doesn't help them get there, this is the sad reality of the world we live in. So wherever you find yourself try to meet new people and leave a positive impression, in case you did not know goodwill is a currency.   
  •  LESSON 3
Do not live life competing with people
During the competition I was always checking other competitors posts to ensure that I still had a chance, whenever I saw that someone had more likes than i did, believe it or not my heart would begin to race speedily I would suddenly become anxious, it was so bad one day i screamed out "how do people do it" I was talking about people that live their lives constantly in competition with other people, always checking for what phone the other person is using, or what cloth X is wearing or what country the person is travelling to for vacation and the list goes on and on. what such a person wouldn't realise is that he or she would be living your life in bondage, because they will be living life subject to someone else's life. This kind of un-healthy competition discourages creativity and originality because whatever step you take depends on what step your competitor takes. you end up giving yourself headaches and anxiety like I did, and end up living a very frustrated and un=fulfilling life.
 Set yourself free today and stop trying to slay more than the next person...your slay is fine the way it is.
  • LESSON 4
Last to start does not mean last to finish
The last person to join the competition...she joined about two days after other people joined was the person that won the picture. I mentioned above that I was constantly stalking other competitors page, truth be told I never checked this babes post because she wasn't initially in the game so I thought it was unlikely she will win. Truth be told I was already consoling myself secretly with the second position, till i casually checked this girls page when i saw her number of likes, my heart sank to the pit of my was terrible lol.

This babe joined in really late and obviously put in a lot of work and probably got in touch with everyone she could till she gave us a good gap in the number of likes.
In case you are wondering how you are going to cactch up with everyone "making it" remember last to start doesn't always mean last to finish, with a little more patience, work and consistency you can finish first, just focus on being the best version of you can be, and like the lady that came first in this competition you can sneak up on everybody and emerge as a winner.
  • LESSON 5
Consolation prices suck!!!
Ok I admit this is not really a lesson,this is just being a big baby. I was so pained that after everything I got a box of cupcakes,I wanted the wig so bad,and the box of cupcakes just seemed like a huge pile of disappointment beside the wig. I kept saying like I am not fat enough already, I went to win cake *rolling my eyes*. Well consolation prices suck and coming first rocks.
I think I better take my advice and enjoy and value the cupcakes because, someone paid for it.

What life lessons have unlikely situations taught you, I would love to hear from you, please et me know in the comment section.
x.o gbemieO

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