Love is a risk

Love is a risk....this line has been ringing in my head for a while

As I thought more about it....the sentence began to unravel itself to me

While thinking on this sentence, I let my imagination run wild for a while.

I imagined God looking down at earth before he sent his son

Looking and feeling sad, seeing, man commit sin after sin slaughter, animal upon animal, to attone his sin, yet going back to his vomit.

I imagined God being unhappy that his beloved man had no direct access to him, because of the veil of sin, they had to go through prophets, who were also human and capable of committing the same sin...surely this isnt what I wanted in the begining he must have said, I miss going down in the cool of day to have fellowship with man, un hindered fellowship, no prophet, no need for purification, no need for sacrifice.

I imagined God the father calling a board meeting of the top shot heavenly beings.

-I miss man, I miss having unhindered fellowship with him, dont you guys remember how it was with Adam and Eve

-I love them too much to allow this legalism continue.

-There should be a way to solve this problem.

What if I sent one of you down there, to live there, like know bridge the gap once and for all...shed blood once and for all, blood not corrupted by sin.

I imagined after deliberation Jesus choose to come and do this tough task, be born of a woman, grow like man, go through temptation, suffer persecution, point man to his father by mirroring the true nature of the father, raise disciples, and of course die so that his blood can be shed once and for all.

I imagined one of the heavenly bodies being skeptical of the Fathers crazy plan...but Father you know how you created man, you love them way too much you didnt want to force them into anything, you gave them free will, the ability to choose what they want...what if this plan does not work...what if after all this, man chooses not to see your can you just send a permanent atonement for their sin, you are letting your beloved son go through this gamble because of man that can decide to keep sinning if they want...maybe we should stick to the status quo.

I imagined God replying with a heavy heart and long face...I get your point but I am willing to take this might just work...even if it has a 1percent chance of working...I am willing to take it, that is how much I want them back with me. 

-What if they keep sinning, what if they make a mockery of your sacrifice, what if they keep hurting you after all this

-Well hurt as I might be, I will have to keep forgiving and forgetting, that is how much my heart longs for them, this is a risk worth taking, anything to get what I once had with man.

And so he sent Jesus to earth, conceived by his spirit not by any mans corrupted sperm, or womans eggs to be born, to walk earth, and to eventually die, so that his blood can be a permanent remedy to our sin, his death tore the veil between himself and us, we now have direct passage.

He did all this out of the love he has for us.

I cannot imagine the celebration that broke out in heaven as Mary pushed out Jesus in that dingy manger...angels burst into dance and songs of rejoicing, finally finally Man is to be reconciled with the father.

And so Christmas was born.

As we celebrate christmas...let us not forget the reason

Love is the reason we celebrate christmas, let us try to remember this amidst all the decoration, eating, drinking and fun.

And even as we have recieved the love of Christ it is only right for us to spread this same love to everyone around us, it is only by our acts of love people can come to accept the love of our father, let this season guide your actions spiritually and even physically.

Love is a risk, a risk God was willing to take centuries ago, a risk he still takes daily, he doesnt first think...what if this child of mine goes back to his vomit after I forgive...his love trumps every doubt because you are precious and worth fighting for to him.

You are worth the risk....never forget

Lots of love to my wonderful and loyal readers in this amazing season.

I assume my Christmas gift is stuck in the mail *side eye*

X.o gbemieO



  1. This has inspired me to write a post. Thanks for blessing me this year Gbemi

    1. Awwwwn thank you so much sike, glad to hear this...thanks for reading, and God bless you always