Hunger hunger hunger. As a self acclaimed foodie, I can categorically say I know a thing or two or even ten about hunger, and it ain't pretty

You see this week I decided to make a few dietary changes, well because health is wealth, and whatever reason I gave myself to give me "gingah" to make the changes.

I decided to go on a one week sugar, and flour fast, i.e no eating anything that has artificial sugars or is made with flour, it has been hard as in hard

You see there is a puff puff woman right on my way to work, and there is another one right beside my office, and it has taken a whole lot of self control to say no to hot balls of puffpuff whenever I feel hungry, eating a banana or an avocado, does not stifle the hunger for puffpuff.

It's so painful to use a banana to calm, the ninjahs growling in your stomach for very oily ewaaganyin and bread, not only because bananas suck, but also because the hunger does not stop, the ninjahs don't stop growling.

This week has taught me that hunger is BAD very BAD

But there is a good kind of hunger, it’s a special type, it's the type I want to introduce you to, it's a good type of hunger.

It started at a conference I attended sometime last year tagged "Upstream" hosted by DebolaDeji-Kurunmi, and boy I don’t know how but this conference did something to me, the prayers, the worship, the word, the move and evident manifestation of the gifts of the spirit left my mouth wide open.

I had never seen such happen with relatively young people in my life. That conference left me asking myself what have you been doing gbemz, I realised that there was more than what I was and where I was in my faith walk, yes, I am and have been born again, tongue speaking, bible studying and even a long praying Christian but that was not all, there was obviously more, and these people at this conference had more.

And I wanted this more, I realised that I had become comfortable, in Christ, yes the Bible does say we are seated in heavenly places, but seated here doesn’t depict relaxed and chilled in the things of the spirit.

I realised that I wasn’t pressing in, I wasn’t leaning in harder, I wasn’t aspiring for more, the truth is I had stopped being hungry.

I had stopped being hungry, I cannot say I don’t know how this happened, because I have been able to pin point some external and internal factors that might have contributed to this relaxed mode, I have had to call myself to a conference to identify the mistakes I made.

Hunger is very key in the life a child of God. 

I realised the moment this hunger was ignited in me, the Holyspirit began to steer me to feeding points, it was almost like he had been waiting for me to get hungry just so he could feed me, because for every question I had he was there to give answers, in fact to be honest every scripture I read knowingly or unknowingly, was used to feed my hunger. 

And guess what I discovered about this hunger, you don't get satisfied. The hungrier you are, the better for you, because as opposed to physical hunger where you feed to get full, spiritual hunger is a bit strange, the more you feed the hungrier you get, its like there is something on your inside keeps asking for one, and I make bold to say that spiritual gluttony is healthy.

It's healthy to crave a deeper walk with the Holyspirit, it's healthy to crave a deeper fellowship, it's healthy to crave a deeper revelation of his word, his kingdom, his power, his love, his everything. Its okay to crave more of Jesus, more and more and more.

I wrote this for anyone that might have been in the situation where I was, no it’s not that you have backslid don’t get me wrong, its that you have stopped being hungry

Check yourself, are you still hungry, is there a yearning, or a burning for more, of Jesus in you? If there isn’t its time for a heart check. 

Are you satisfied with the amount of Jesus you have perhaps you pray in tongues and you feel well I have arrived, or you heal people already, or you even cast out demons, all this is fine so far you still want to do more all to the glory of God. Don’t forget Jesus didn’t expect us to get to his level and stop, he said greater works than he did we will do. 

Our posture towards Christ should be lord what next, what height would you have me climb, And all this is possible through, the help of the sweet Holyspirit, once you desire more he will give you more, you don’t need to attend a conference like me to be awakened.

All that you need to know is that there is a higher level, there is a deeper calling, there is more glory to be revealed. Once you have this knowledge and you sincerely desire it, the Holyspirit would swoop into action.

So this is me asking you


P.S: I plan to do a catch up post next, this should explain what has been happening in my life and why I have been absent, trying to get around my schedule, that seems to be increasingly busy,

In the mean time, I would love to hear what you think in the comments section, suggestions, ideas, etc, and also let me know your thoughts on spiritual hunger.

x.o gbemieO

photo credit:ihidrousa.com



  1. Nice one Gbemi. The hunger takes us deeper into the Love of God, His Love is so great its depth & length cannot measured, once you have tasted of the Love of the Father, You catch the hunger and it is indeed an insatiable hunger. You will always want to be filled, You will always want an overflow.Nothing else can satisfy. Many Christians who don't hunger are full of self love and not the Love of the Father. The Love of God is a consuming Fire, it is ever burning. It is my prayer that this generation is baptised in the ever overflowing love of the Father.

  2. hi daniel
    thanks for stopping by, every thing you said is sooo true
    a big amen to your prayer, our generation needs to catch the fire,
    please don't forget to subscribe, would love to hear more from you

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