I like to think I am a time conscious person....if you tell me to meet you for 8, odds are that I would be there for 7:30...well except for times when I am not just in the mood, or I intentionally choose to get to a place late.

For me lateness is just rude and unacceptable. I am one of those people that hate people wasting time, I would normally get angry if someone does not keep to time.

 I guess I can imagine how Mary felt when when she sent word to Jesus that his friend Lazarus her brother was ill and Jesus did not arrive on time.
Okay let me give you guys a quick gist of the story

Mary sends word to Jesus where he is chilling with his disciples, that Lazarus is sick, I am sure she knew Jesus had the power to heal sickness, and she wanted him to come and heal as usual, and for some reason Jesus stayed back...instead of him to quickly make the journey, before things get worse, he just chilled...kinda reminds me of Nigerian nurses when a person is sick...I was at the hospital recently and boy those guys know how to be sluggish, I personally think they teach them how to waste time time in nursing school.

Anyways I digress, back to the time when Jesus wasted a sick man's time.
As I read I couldn't but wonder why he waited, I could imagine people asking Mary

-I thought you called Jesus, it's already two days why isn't he here?

and her reply would be

-I don't know o, I called him since, I don't know why he is wasting time. *insert long hiss*

I was still in Imagine land, as I love to do when reading my Bible, when the Holyspirit interrupted my thoughts,

- If Jesus didn't waste time, Lazarus wouldn't have died right?

- Yes

Then he took me to the first thing Jesus said when he was asked to come and see Lazarus, he said this sickness, would not be on to death but that the son of God be glorified.
I was like okay, so the sickness was supposed to be a means for God to glorify himself, and show his glory.
 LESSON 1: God is capable of using every situation for his glory, no wonder Paul said he is sure that ALL things work together for our good. There really is no situation so bad that God cannot use for his glory, this kinda changed or is changing my mind and perspective about when things don't go my way, it's comforting to Know that there is a hidden and greater glory in bad situations.

I continued my conversation with the Holyspirit as he showed me:

LESSON 2: My timing and God's timing are usually miles apart, now on Marys' end it seemed like Jesus was wasting time...even his disciples might have wondered what is wrong with this Jesus, did he not hear that Lazarus was sick and needed urgent help, why are we still here.

But there was a glory to be revealed, and this glory needed time.

If Jesus had been there "on time" not his time now, Mary and every other persons time, he would have cured Lazarus of his sickness, and that would have been it, it would have been the same old miracle of healing disease as they were all used to.

But there was a greater level of glory to be revealed.

These guys needed to see Jesus as the Ressurrection and the Life, not just the resurrection on the last day but the one who can stand in front of a tomb filled with dead people and command life to be breath into a man that had been dead for four days, and already smelling, as his sister pointed.

As the one who could shout LAZARUS COME FORTH!! and the chains of death in hell would rattle, shake, fall off and let Lazarus walk free.

This type of miracle had never been done before, whaaat?? a man dead for four days, walking out of his own tomb?

That was what Jesus had in mind, and what he had in mind was waaayyy different from what the crowd expected, but it was better, waay better if you ask me and if he had not "wasted time" this would never have happened.

Friends Jesus is ALWAYS on time, ALWAYS he never wastes time, and let's not forget the popular Nigerian saying that goes : GOD'S TIME IS THE BEST.

Even when it looks like he could have brought that miracle earlier, when you really needed the miracle, I promise you whatever miracle you need can never be compared to what he has planned.

You know even when Jesus got on the scene, people began to snicker and say "why is he just coming?, if only he had come earlier" kinda makes me feel there is someone reading this post that feels if only I had gotten that money when I needed it, or you are praying for something and those around you are telling you your prayer is not working, your God is late.

Who are they to tell you what is late and what is not, who are you to even tell yourself that something is late...God is the creator of time, the creator is never controlled by his creation, he is the only one to determine what is late and what is early.

Take courage!!!, God is always on time.

You know I always love to hear from you, have you ever felt like God is wasting time, or is it happening right now? leave me a comment let's gist
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To read the full Lazarus story check out John 11 in the Bible
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