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Hello everyone,

Welcome BACK!!

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Today I would be writing on something a bit different, yes, I would be writing on my HAIR!!

As a lot of you do not know, I have been growing my natural hair for a while...a little over a year actually, and I am what people in the natural community would call a lazy naturalista.

I usually have my hair in braids, a high puff (the easiest thing everrr) or a wig or my signature curl bangs and puff look, signature not because I invented it but because a lot of people from law school know me by this look, as I rocked it for a really long time while in law school, a few people even began copying it....shout out to all of you lol.

Sometime last week, while scrolling through the pictures on my explore page I stumbled across TASALAHQ on instagram, she's an awesome hair stylist with a beauty salon in Ikoyi Lagos.
I love her page and followed her because she has a lot of cool and quick natural hair tutorials on her page.

Then I found THE ONE, the hair style that wasn't only really nice but looked simple and cost effective, all I needed was four hair bands and a few bobby pins, I had an EUREKA!! moment, in fact I decided I was going to rock the style to church the next day being a Sunday.

Front and side view of "THE ONE"


The next morning I was up early, said my prayers, had my bath and proceeded to slay this style.

I scrolled to the Instagram video played it, and set my phone in such a way that I could watch it while I styled my hair.

After a few tries, I was ready to give up, not only was my hair not forming like tasalas own,(I almost zoomed the video, to see how are hands moved) I also realised my hair wasn't as long as hers, sad stuff.

I really almost gave up and almost went with a puff, but I decided to stick with it and just do what I could, after all I had flouted my no heat policy by straightening my hair the night before, because I felt it would ease styling.

As I brushed my edges, I gave myself a metaphorical pat on the back by saying, at all at all na him bad pass, roughly translates to at least I tried, and decided to rock the hair with all the confidence I had in me.

The highlight of my day and this style fail was when three, not one not two, but three whole, living, human beings told me, they loved my hair, and asked how I styled it, it even became a great channel for awesome conversation with the people that complimented me.

I was so elated I almost couldn't believe that people loved my hair fail.

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Me, when I hear "gbemie your hair is nice"


  • No matter how tough or difficult things might seem, it's always a good idea to give it your best shot...after all at all at all na him bad pass
  • Your failures might inspire people, so do not beat yourself up when you fail, failure really is not the end of the world, never forget Philippians 4;13
  • A little confidence never hurt nobody, well I thank God for confidence to rock what I thought was a style fail.

Let's play a a game, gist me about one of your failures in the comment session, and I would bring out the moral story from it, let's learn from each other.
x.o gbemieO


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