I'm super EXCITEEED!!! ( I wish y'all could feel my excitement from this post), but for real KIRK FRANKLIN IS COMING TO NIGERIA!!! as in the real Kirk Franklin of life, and destiny.

Growing up as a Preachers Kid, we were not allowed to listen to "rubbish song"  that was what my parents called secular music, so we had all the Don Moens, Ron Kenoly's and ofcourse KIRK FRANKLIN....I remember one of the first video C.D's my dad bought was a collection of Kirk Franklin songs from "lean on me" to "STOMP!"  and a whole lot.

Anyways I digress....this is not a post about me it's actually a style post yaaaay. My first style post...and it's written by an actual style guru...like a real one lol (you can read about him after this post)  and he is here to advice us on how to slay the Fearless Concert fashion wise.

Dipo says :   

The one thing Nigerians love to do is dress up for an event but not everyone knows how to dress for specific occasions like a music concert. Thus, here are four tips to help guide both guys and ladies in their style decisions:


The nature of the concert you are going to should dictate how you dress. If you were attending a jazz concert, you could be more elegant and formal but with a gospel concert, you should go for a more casual look like your t-shirt and jeans.
gbemieo says: ladies....this might not be the best time to rock 6 inch heels


Most concerts in Nigeria are engaging, which means you will most likely be dancing, singing along, sweating. Thus, I will recommend shoes like low top sneakers for maximum movement and comfort.

Less Is More:
Image result for a man blinged out
Guys you might NOT want to show up like this

We all know that music concerts in Nigeria can get very rowdy and crowded and safety can be an issue, so I advocate for wearing less, that is less jewelry or accessories. Also, avoid having to carry so much in your hands, just keep it to the bare essentials.

Make It Fun:

Most Nigerian concerts have a title or a theme, which are displayed in attractive colours around town. A good idea is to wear shirts with the concert’s logo or theme displayed on the shirt, just to add some more fun to the mix.

I really look forward to going to this amazing concert, as I am a huge fan of Kirk Franklin and I hope beyond the excitement and hype, we all experience the move of God.

An actor, presenter , fashion consultant and costume designer with credits in movies such as 'Banana Island Ghost'  Diipo holds a B.A in theater arts from Portland State University and he has worked on stage as an actor. He is Jollof rice and Jollof rice is him.
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If you love Kirk Franklin like I do...please share your favourite Kirk songs in the comment section, also if you would be attending the concert say ayyye!! in the comment section.
x.o gbemieO



  1. Ayye! Would definitely be attending, and I hope he performs "My world needs you" and "123 Victory". Soooo Looking forward to this one. :)

    1. Ayyyye!! right back
      I honestly cannot wait, i know it's going to be crowdy, but I hope i can say hi to you. Btw I hope you subscribed

  2. My favorite Kirk Franklin songs are Hosanna, but the blood amongst all

    1. Hi, ayobami.
      I definitely love Hosanna.
      Were you at the concert? He sang Hosanna, but he didn't sing but the blood