Nice to have you all here.
I am actually excited to write this post because, it's going to be the first in my parks in Lagos series....yaaaayyy.
Let me start by saying that I loooove parks, and I think we need to imbibe a park culture in Nigeria, not every time crowded malls and cinemas.

I tried to get an aerial view from the top of a slide,not sure I did a good job

If I had a friend from outside of town come to Lagos, where I live, and wanted to hang out with them, the first affordable option, will be a mall, don't get me wrong, we do have other places but the keyword used is AFFORDABLE lol, for people like me that are still making our money,
Anyways let's jump right in, a few weeks ago I visited a park called SHODEX GARDENS quite close to my house, boredom and a random google search and VOILA!! my skeptical self was standing at the gate of Shodex gardens, well skeptical because I knew not what to expect.
Tade was around, so I dragged him along, as for my face...that's me scared the monkey was going to yank my wig off,but pretending not to be scared #Akward

I write this review for anyone, who wants to visit this park and wants to have an idea of what to expect.
LOCATION: Shodex gardens is located on the Lagos mainland, their address is , 251/253 road, Ikorodu road, Anthony Lagos. It's under the Anthony bridge but  not very obvious, I think a major landmark, would be the Maryland mall, it's not too far from it 

I walked in and proceeded to the reception to pay the entrance fee of 1,000 Naira, I was particularly happy because I was allowed to bring my food in...I think they get points for that.

AMBIENCE: From the reception, you are greeted with an air of nature and lots of  "greenery", a mini waterfall, and the Children's park 
The park is open on all days of the week (all includes sundays)

The entrance to the Reception
The park is very lush and, it felt nice to see green scenery in ever busy and noisy Lagos,
it's ideal for outdoor gatherings, e.g parties, picnics etc, they also have two halls, that fit into the theme of the park because of it's rustic look , I was told that the smaller hall can fit about a 100 people and the second hall about 300.

The pool is also available for pool parties

Shodex gardens, is ideal for the perfect family hangout, there is a playground space for kids, with slides, swings, a trampoline and other stuff.
I looked around and spotted an Indian family taking pictures, and a young couple playing table tennis, in my mind I was like hmmmn noiice.
A view of the Children's Park

Another exciting feature of the park is the petting zoo for kids.
I didn't know how in love with nature I was till I walked into the petting zoo, it had monkeys, baboons, crocodiles, an antelope, parrots, an ostrich, an aquarium, and other domestic animals,

Asides it being the perfect family hang out spot, they also specialise in beautifying outdoor spaces like gardens etc, I took a peep at their flower and plant shop, where they plant flowers and plants for sale.
So if gardening is your turf, you can check them out.
A view of  the plant nursey,they sell flowers and seeds here, 
The park also has a swimming pool, I was told by one of the workers, that they recently expanded the pool and the best part of the pool for me, is the fact that there is a life guard, always around, I have visited the park, twice before writing this post, and the life guard was there both times, this is really important because sometimes, we ignore basic safety rules in this country.

I would recommend this park to parents, schools for student excursions, lovers (lol) friends, and individuals, anyone and everyone really who wants a change of environment and wants to be around nature.

It's the ultimate zone out scene, if I ever actualise my dreams of starting a Youtube channel, it would probabbly be my first location for filming, but for now I go there to hang out with friends, write and when I need some quiet, and of course when I eventually learn how to swim, already making plans with the life guard.
It's the perfect place for least for those of us that would be in Nigeria.

Would you be visiting this park?, Did you find the review helpful? Do you know of any other parks in Lagos I should review? Please let me know in the comment section.
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  1. Shodex gardens is a well landscaped garden with a perfect ambience for events, hangouts and excursion. It consist of a mini zoo, swimming pool, summer huts, lawns, artworks, play items such as slides, trampoline etc. I bet you will love it here.

  2. Hi.
    Thanks for this review. My secondary schoolmates are planning to have a get-together and we're looking for the perfect place. This review just made me seriously consider Shodex Garden.

    Thank you.

  3. What is the entry fee per head or as a couple?

  4. @ GbemieO..... You are a Super Star! Thank you for this detailed post.
    I am planning a picnic with my family and was concerned if they'll allow external food in the premises.... You have answered that and so much more!! Bless you!!!

  5. Nice post and providing us necessary necessary info. Kindly review Omu Resort in Lekki as well. Thank you.