Hello Everyone, it's so good to have you here, today is a Monday yaaay for Public Holiday's (I hope evryone reading is enjoying the long Holiday. I decided to to a fun Inspirational post on Africa's Premier Wealth Coach. Her name is Omilola Oshikoya, below are 5 reasons she is a major inspiration and our Woman crush this week.

The first time I heard Omilola speak, she kept referring to herself as the fathers daughter, Omilola is one fierce woman who loves Jesus and is not ashamed to show it, despite having carved a niche for her self in the corporate world, she is team Jesus all the way, she is very vocal about this on her social media accounts, she is one Woman that has constantly inspired me to crave and experience an intimate walk and relationship with God. She is also a youth pastor at "Ignite", the youth expression of Guiding Light Assembly. 
At Omilola's book launch, the passion, with which she spoke about her husband, wowed me, in a world where, people assume, that being a succesful woman, equates being unsuccesful with your family life, Omilola prooves that through Christ's strength we can do all things.
I have a secret crush on Omilola's children, from the little snippets I see her post about them, on social media, you can tell they are amazing, and they are children goals lol, obvious Omilola, has passed on her love for Jesus to her children.

  •         SALT AND LIGHT
Omilola on the set of the Talk show "Heart of the Matter"

     Matthew 5;14 tells us that we are the light of the world, today a lot of Christians are the light of their church, fellowship, home cells etc.
Omilola has proven that she is not ready to dim her light or put it out for anyone, or anything, her passion for the kingdom, has taken her past the walls of the church, into the world, from International t.v, (she co-hosts "Heart of the Matter", a talk show that airs on EbonyLife T.V) to corporate speaking engagements, and many more even outside the shores of Nigeria.
She is also the Founder of the Do It Afraid conference, an annual conference which centres on equipping people to live out their dreams, and basically step out to "DO IT AFRAID". The testimonies birthed from this conference are truly inspiring
I got to meet Omilola at the launch of her book "The Richer Woman"
  •      OBEDIENCE
In my mind I call Omilola the female Abraham of our time, from obeying God, by leaving her corporate well paying job, to working in her church office, to writing a brutally honest book about her life, Omilola consistently shows us that obeying God, though seeming difficult and totally out of our comfort zones, comes with great reward, her life constantly teaches me that obedience does not only affect me or please God, but that a lot of peoples lives are tied to my obedience. 
Someone once said Obedience is God's love language...I think there is some truth to this saying.

This point right here, is everything. I am a strong advocate for fine girls and fine guys to carry fire, I believe the physical is very important, because often times it serves as our first impressions, but what is on the inside is so much more important. Omilola shows us effortlessly that whilst she slays spiritually, domestically and career wise, she can also slay physically decently and modestly.

You can follow Omilola on Instagram here, to get updates on her speaking engagements, some good inspiration, and for my ladies, some awesome style inspiration.
I would also recommend her book to EVERYONE, I know it is available in major book stores, in Nigeria, for readers outside Nigeria it's available on Amazon.
For the above reasons and more we are crushing on Omilola Oshikoya this bright Monday.
Photo Credit: All pictures used in this article were gotten from Omilola's Instagram page
Is there anyone that inspires you? ....please share below in the comment section, and in what way...let's all be inspired to greatness

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