About me


About Gbemi
Gbemie is an aspiring lawyer (recent graduate of law),who thinks she is funny, she is the first child to wonderful parents, sister to two wonderful babes, she also loves to eat good food, occasional fitfam adherent (she hasn't decided if she is team fitfam or team foodie), slight introvert, who loves to cook, laugh and share the "little" knowledge she has about Jesus to people. She feels she is
sometimes too playful for her own good. Her motto is
"blessed to be a blessing".

About the Blog
Musings generally means deep thoughts, or meditations.
This blog is basically me sharing my thoughts as a young
Christian (yes, welcome to my head lol), the things I learn, obstacles, I face and how I overcome them, and pretty much every other thing that happens in my not so exciting life. Asides the “musings by gbemie.o” column, there are other interesting columns like “how I got saved” where you get to read different peoples salvation stories you can also share yours, “testimonies” column where you can read and share your testimonies, and of course the TGIF column, which is the
column that features music to inspire and bless you. don’t
forget to subscribe, so you stay up to date with the latest happenings.

Email: gbemieobadan@gmail.com